Hi all
here is the BabestationX line up for the rest of this month.
Please be aware things can change, so always check the babestation twitter feed on the day for updates.
Enjoy the shows.

Friday 8th - Victoria and TBC – GG Sexshow – 3 Sections
Saturday 9th – Amanda – Solo Sexshow – 3 sections

Friday 15th - Preeti, Lori, Kerrie – BS Babes 2.5 hour Live show
Saturday 16th – Maddy, Kerrie, Lori – BS Babes 2.5 hour Live show

Friday 22nd – Lexi Lowe & Victoria Summer – GG Sexshow – 3 Sections
Saturday 23rd – Kerrie, Lexi & Preeti – BS Babes 2.5 hour Live show

Friday 29th - TJ – Solo Sexshow – 3 sections
Saturday 30th – Kerrie, Lori, Maddy – BS Babes so 2.5 hour Live show

Live show on BSX this weekend.

Friday 1st – Amanda, Beth, Lori –
Saturday 2nd – Kerrie, Amanda, Lori -

both shows are a single continuous show all night.

Hi all
this weekend 3rd and 4th of June the live shows on Babestationx encrypted on Freeview are;

Friday 3rd – Preeti / Lucy / Kerrie – BS Babes – 2.5 hour Live show

Saturday 4th – Kerrie / Lucy / Lori – BS Babes – 2.5 hour Live show

Hi all, first of all apologies, its been a while since I updated, I’ve been busy shooting new series’ with Amelia and Lexi Lowe plus a whole bunch of solo content with Brooke Logan, Roxi Keogh and Karina so its been a hell of a last six weeks.

here is the breakdown for May, quite a nice selection though I do say so myself.

1st May – Sam Bentley and Jess West – GG Sex Show – 3 x 30 mins sections

6th May – Victoria Summers & Lu Elissa – GG Sex show – 3 x 30 mins sections
7th May – TJ solo – 3 x 30 mins sections

13th May – Victoria Summers and Sam Bentley – GG Sex Show – 3 x 30 mins sections
14th May – Kerrie Lee Solo – 3 x 30 mins sections

20th May – BS Girls Night – Lynda, Lucy, Beth – 2.5 hour live section
21st May – BS Girls Night Lexi, Lucy, Preeti – 2.5 hour live section

27th May – Karina and Dionne – GG Sex Show – 3 x 30 mins sections
28th May – Kerrie Lee Solo – 3 x 30 mins sections
29th May – Beth, Roxi & Amelia – GG Sex show – 3 x 30 mins sections

keep an eye out on babestation.tv and babestationx.tv for loads of new content, both glamour and hardcore.
Its going to be a great summer.


This Friday we have a full length show with Lynda, Kerrie and Preeti thats the 25th of April
On Saturday the 26th we have Lori, Leigh and Preeti
and on Sunday the 27th something extra special, the lovely Karina Currie and Dionne Mendez
in a Girl/Girl live show, which should be particularly good if their last show was anything to go by.
Put those dates in your phone and we’ll see you there.
_dionne pvc tape002


Its been a long cold winter, and its not over yet. What better way to keep yourself warm, and save a bit on the heating bill, than to cuddle up to the Babestationx.tv members area of an evening.
In case you haven’t stopped by lately you should put your head around the door and take a peek…that ample breasted beauty Aruba Jasmine is always on hand to offer a quick bj, or if your in the mood a quick pounding from behind, whats not to like about that?

As well as other favourites like Tasha Holz, our lovely Maddy and Dani Maye showing your their ‘best features’ we have a couple of real blinders from the Sexstation days of yore, nothing less than Isabel Ice (remember her?) and Carmel Moore both taking a good reaming in their chocolate starfish, courtesy of a couple of well hung studs, oh those were the days!

A couple of nice surprises, we got Beth at our BabestationX glory hole, and Linda Leigh in her first girl on girl series for us, doing the nasty with the ever lovely Leigh Darby, take it from me ( I filmed it) its a fucking red hot scene and Linda’s sensational beef curtains are presented in HD in all their juicy glory, if you like your bacon thick and moist then this is definitely one for you.

so dont waste another minute reading this get yourself over to http://www.babestationx.tv and check out all that great content for yourself, oh yes, I nearly forgot, we update the site every day without fail.





Hi all

tonight we have Preeti and Maddy on BSX.

Some of you may have noticed we’ve switched things around a bit for our Friday and Saturday night shows.
Instead of set ‘shows’ girls will take in turns to go on to BabestationX directly from the main Babestation show.

FRIDAY 5TH:  Jenna, Amelia and Lori

SATURDAY 6TH:  Maddy and Lori are on.

Apologies for not posting up yesterday’s live show, scheduling issues meant it was re-arranged at the last minute.

here is the lineup for tonight:

23.30 – 12.00 – Lori

12.30 – 1.00 – Jenna

1.30 – 2.00 – Amelia

Thursday 14th

23.30 – Lexi Lowe

Friday 15th

23.30 – 12.00 – Lori
12.30 – 1.00 – Lynda
1.30 – 2.00 – Beth

Saturday 16th

23.30 – 12.00 – Lynda
12.30 – 1.00 – Leigh
1.30 – 2.00 – Preeti