Jaiden West and Emily B are two wonderful looking babes, there’s simply no denying it.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and yet again mine has been running at twice the speed again, tiring me out by coming up with fresh ideas for shoots.  It’s almost as though when I’m shooting these girls I want them to transform and be teleported to different locations in different outfits, all the time.

Free Babestation pic

Babestation Extreme shoot

What about a Victorian theme, I thought to myself whilst shooting Jaiden and Emily.  You know the type I’m thinking of don’t you?  All those skirts and dresses; the stockings, corsets and undergarments?  I got to thinking about this and called to mind the old Victorian fiction I’d read many years ago, but then remembered the writer Sarah Waters.  She wrote a novel called Fingersmith, published in 2002, but wrote it as a period Victorian piece.  I could see Jaiden and Emily as mistress and servant, one dressing the other as they used to do in the 19th century.

Then I touched her.  I touched her face.  I began at the meeting of our mouths – at the soft wet corners of our lips – then found her jaw, her cheek, her brow – I had touched her before, to wash and dress her; but never like this.  So smooth she was!  So warm!  It was like calling the heat and shape out of her out of the darkness – as if the darkness was turning solid and growing quick, under my hand.

Now if that isn’t a beautiful way to begin writing a first time lesbian encounter then my name isn’t Mark Cremona!  You’ve got to hand it to Sarah Waters, she really knows how to write.  She doesn’t even have to write anything particularly explicit; those of you out there that have ever read a book can get the gist of what’s happening here.

Girl-girl stuff always brings out the best in me, but then I suppose we could bring Freddie and the Rose boy in, perhaps as Victorian gentlemen in top hats or something – with all the waistcoats, watch chains and such?  What do you lot think?  Leave me a comment

Catch you next week.

Babestation Extreme

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