Its not often I get the pleasure of announcing a couple of Babestation Daytime girls deciding they want to go just that little bit further than normal daytime viewing allows, but this is just one such occasion!
The delectable Tammy Taylor and the sublime Lexi Rider are our lithe 2sum lined up for tomorrow night on BabestationX thats FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER, its sure to be a smorgasboard of smut as Tammy confided to me on her last shoot how much she wanted to get her hands on Lexi, after I suggested a BabestationX live show to ‘make it official’ she licked her lips and said ‘fuck yeah’ so I think that means she is enthusiastic, so be sure to tune in to BabestationX tomorrow and see our two hot Babestation Daytime girls try out for a career in ..well..Im not going to say the ‘P’ word ..but you get my meaning…I don’t want to scare them away.
…I will be watching the show with a glass of champagne, and raising my glass to them.. here’s to some cock in your eye Tammy…sorry, I mean.. mud!