Because of my busy schedule shooting Porn for our BSX channel I don’t get as much time as I would like pursuing my one true love which is, of course, Photography.

Most of the time my photoshoots are rushed affairs, the Babestation girls are, as you can imagine, very busy, and the amount of time we get with them on the Production side of things can be very limited so you have to be a bit adept at working quickly.

Often the girls will be eating, talking on their phones and getting dressed for the shoot all at the same time so what you get when you try to speak to them about what you have in mind for the shoot kind of goes like this ‘..I was thinking we could start on the staircase and then..’ ..’oh sorry babe..hang on..yeah we are meeting at nandos after I get off the webcam later..yeah I know he was a total cunt for saying that about her..oh sorry babe..what did you say ? no no..I wasn’t talking to you..yeah yeah..are these knickers all right, what about these shoes..yeah Im sorry I was working last night so I haven’t had time to get any clean knickers..yeah where was I babe nandos yeah?”..and so on and so on…

So It made a refreshing change when the delightful Savannah turned up with her pretty pink suitcase with all her outfits neatly packed away with shoes in one compartment and stockings in another, Its not unusual for a girl to come to a shoot straight from her shift with whatever clothes she happens to be wearing at the time, leaving me with little choice but to shoot them in whatever they arrive from work in, so getting Savannah for a shoot where she had more time to plan meant a bit more variety.

Savannah disappeared to finish her makeup then after I had decided I was going to do a simple Two Light set up with a 750 on a Beauty Dish on Point and a cheapo 180 watt light with a bare reflector for some back definition ( I find a mixture of cheap and expensive light carefully balanced makes for a dynamic combination) she came prancing out dressed in a leather bodice and black hold ups asking me ‘how do you want me sweetie?’ …such a charming girl.

Here are some samples from that shoot, I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed shooting them, these sets and the accompanying video that I shot (which is red hot btw) can be seen soon over on the website.

Savannah’s amazing booty

Savannah looking like a Dominatrix

Savannah in Office Girl mode