This is how it looks on Friday guys…

If you’re planning on going out on Friday you’ve got your work cut out for you because we’re expecting you back at Babestation X in time for the Friday night show.  Viewable, as always on Freeview 174 or the Babestation X website, we have the gorgeous Charlie C and Tammy Taylor!  That’s right, it’s a Daytime Girl special…

That can only mean one thing of course?  You have to tune in to see just how far these girls go on a Babestation X session.  Some of you may be already familiar with them of course, and may have even chatted with them on the phones; but let me tell you that when you get these Daytime girls just a little past their bedtime, they soon turn into potential UK porn stars!  You heard it here first fellas, take a chance.

Charlie C

Charlie C appearing on Babestation X on Friday

Charlie C is fast becoming a Babestation legend, so the move to Babestation X is very exciting indeed.  We hope that all her daytime fans will come on over to see just how bad their precious daytime babe will be on the show that makes sluts out of all the girls eventually – Babestation X

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor appearing on Babestation X on Friday

And who could forget her partner in crime, the lovely Tammy Taylor?  Oh, man, I’ve shot Tammy Taylor before and she creates boners that stay “up an at em!” for hours.  I’ve got some very good ideas for Tammy Taylor, if she’d let my filthy little mind run riot for a while.  Go on, indulge me Tammy!

So you know where to be on Friday I trust?  If not then you’re clearly an illiterate arse and we’d rather not have your business!

Always – Babestation X