Paris goes bad…

You might have seen Paris on the Babestation blog the other day, but I bet you didn’t see her like this!  This is a picture Mark took of her fooling around with the one and only Lacey Lorenzo.  I quote my colleague when he says

“It’s amazing what they’ll do after a couple of Bacardi Breezers!” 

He’s a rascal that Cremona you know…

Live sex show

Paris licking Lacey’s punani!

It looks as though Paris could well be on the way to a solo show on Babestation X very soon.  How many of you out there would like to see this one coming up on the schedule?  Do let us know in the comment box, you know how we love to spend our time reading that every day!

Tonight’s live show

In the meantime, if it’s live hardcore boy-girl sex action you’re after, don’t forget that tonight we have the wonderfully filthy Jasmine Jae getting fucked from arsehole t’ beak by the stud that is Dean Van Damme!  There’s no stopping that Damme machine once he gets started, so don’t be late for the show.

It starts at 10pm courtesy of Sexstationtv and you can watch it for free on the Babestation X website.  If you’re not a member then you can simply watch it for £1.50.  It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy…

Babestation X – Anything you like, we go it!

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