You may remember the picture Mark got a while ago of Babestation’s Paris in between Lacey Lorenzo’s legs…

Live sex show

Paris licking Lacey’s punani!

Well tonight on Babestation X the two of them are performing together.  This promises to be a very good night indeed.  The move over to Babestation X for Paris has been long awaited since she joined the team a while ago, and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to with Lacey.

Live sex show

Live sex show

We’re very pleased with the results of last night’s show with Tammy Oldham and Chantelle White (another name to watch out for); those two were awesome together, and such chemistry on screen!  We’re not promising anything tonight guys, but if the pictures we took a while ago of Lacey and Paris, after a couple of “Bacardi Breezers” are anything to go by, it could get filthy quite quickly!

Change in plans with the pricing remember.  If you want to watch the live show on Freeview it’ll cost you £3 now on a Friday and Saturday night.  The web based show is still only £1.50.  Still well worth it anyway.

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