Not sure if you all remember Rio Lee?  Well I’ve been browsing the archives of Babestation X and found a wonderful video of the lady in question and the filthy Tammy Oldham…

The video was shot when we were all in Ibiza on one of those dirty holidays that the girls enjoy so much!  It really is true what they say about the sun – it certainly brings out the best in everyone!

Set against a gloriously beautiful Mediterranean backdrop, with a little Spanish guitar ambient style music, this scene doesn’t start out with one of those awful storyline chance meetings, eventually ending up with two girls fucking each other; it simply starts with girls around a pool, and then progresses swiftly into two of them fucking each other.  Not all of these babes are not Oscar winners when it comes to serious acting you know, but they really do know how to put on a good lesbian porn show…

Rio Lee and Tammy Oldham in Ibiza

Rio Lee and Tammy Oldham in Ibiza

Personally, with the music, the lovely weather and these grade A babes, it turns out to be a wonderfully romantic, passionate and sensual scene.  When you see Tammy reaching out of the pool in her tiny little knickers, showing that wonderful ass of hers, to kiss Rio full and hard on the mouth, you can really see the sexual tension and energy in the girls.  Not sure if it’s slightly fuelled by copious amounts of sangria however, but they don’t appear to be behaving that unnecessary!

The moans and groans from these two lovely specimens soon begin to penetrate and then blend with the Spanish guitar as things heat up; and I’ll tell you this, if you can keep your dick in your trousers when Tammy Oldham sits on Rio Lee’s face, grabbing Rio’s head and thrusting herself on it, you’re a stronger man than I.

Anyway, it’s always good to look back at the old stuff on Babestation X, and if you’re a fan of one or both of these girls, it’ll no doubt impress you.  So you can actually go and watch it now if you like for the price of a two day trial at £1.50.  You’ll get access to everything else on the site and also tonight’s Unleashed show with Aaliyah Capelle, and tomorrow’s live Babestation X show.

Babestation X – More content than you think!

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