There’s a great show for you today on the live BSX player…

Babestation Unleashed:

  • Jessica Lloyd 10.00-18.00
  • Sophie Parker 12.00-20.00
  • Elicia Solis 18.00-02.00
Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker

So… Sophie Parker (or Sophie Patrick as some of you might know her).  What do you know about this piece of ass?  You know you want to do bad things with her of course, but there’s a lot more to this gorgeous babe than first meets the eye.  She’s a Coleshill babe originally, but currently resides in Birmingham and she’s no stranger to modelling, as we’re sure you can imagine.  Sophie began in the top shelf mags that you used to stand in front of pretending to wanted to buy The Times until everyone left the store.  What was worse than having people in the store was getting a female shop assistant right?

Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker

Anyway, Sophie made a logical progression into porn of course, and now she works with some of the best studios in the world, including us lot of course!  Catch her today from midday on Babestation Unleashed… You’re in for a treat!

Babestation X – Watch it all day and don’t go to work!


There’s a great show for you today on the live BSX player…

Babestation Unleashed:

  • Tina Love 10.00-18.00
  • Wendy Taylor 10.00-18.00
  • Alyssa Divine 18.00-02.00
Alyssa Devine

Alyssa Devine and Freddy Flavour

The inimitable Alyssa Divine is looking damn fine lately.  It might interest you to know that we’ve got some pretty hot stuff on Alyssa over at BSX.TV and if you’re a member you can access all of it.  She features in a very special show we made called Big Wet Butts, where she gets fucked nice and hard by the one and only Freddy Flavour.  She also does a little scene with The Dirty Cleaner, and several scenes with the gorgeous Chessie Kay (and this one is always up for drinking from the furry cup, so to speak).  Other collaborators include: Samantha Bentley and Monty.  Get over there to see everything…

Follow her on Twitter

Babestation X – Giving you what you want all week!


It’s Friday and it’s Live Show day…

You’ve also got a couple of stunners on Babestation Unleashed today, so we’ll tell you who they are first before we get to other business.

Babestation Unleashed on Friday:

  • Chloe Lovette 10.00-18.00
  • Faye Rampton 12.00-20.00

Babestation X Live Show

It’s Jada folks… Jada is one of the most popular girls on Babestation and she’s been with us pretty much right from the beginning (and Babestation have been going for 12 years!)  During her time with Babestation we’ve watched this gorgeous, exotic beauty growing from a young girl into a young woman with a vast amount of babe channel experience; and if you’ve ever spoken to her on the phone then you’ll know what I’m talking about!  Eloquent and dirty all at the same time – a mixture you’re not likely to get in some Essex pub at ten o’clock in a Friday night!


Jada on Babestation X tonight!

Let Jada be the one who gets you off tonight on our live show.  You can watch her at her filthiest online only remember, and this will happen between 22.00-22.30 tonight.  Then you’ll be able to indulge in Jada some more on Freeview if you like, it’s up to you.  If you’re not a member then you can get a two day trial membership for less than a fiver on our Babestation X sign up page.  If you do this then you’ll obviously get tomorrow’s show too!

Friday night on Babestation X is always good!


Have we got some news for you!  It’s going to be a good day today…

Alright, you all know that Babestation Unleashed is on our live player right now, and you know that we get some pretty stunning babes on there, leaving nothing to the imagination.  Well today on Babestation Unleashed the one and only Babestaton legend Preeti Young will be on the show!



Preeti on Babestation Unleashed today

You can see Preeti on Babestation Unleashed (online only remember) from 17.00-23.00 tonight.  Just time enough for you to get home from work, have a bite to eat, find some Kleenex and get your donger out!

Joining Preeti on Babestation Unleashed today are:

  • Sami J 10.00-18.00
  • Faye Rampton 18.00-02.00

Fridays Live show!

Friday’s live show will feature the stunning Dirty Jada.  Not sure she uses the prefix “Dirty” anymore, but it certainly suits her and you’ll see why if you tune in online from 22.00-22.30 when she gets real dirty!  You’ll have to be a member of Babestation X for this of course, but you can have this for less than a fiver if you sign up for a two day trial… Then you’ll get Saturday’s show too!

Babestation X – You know you’ve got it right!

You all know a little something about Ruby Summers we know, but did you know that she’s appearing again tonight on Babestation X!

That’s right, Ruby is back for her 2nd ever show!  She loved it so much, and the response from you guys out there was so good that we decided to give her another “crack of the whip” so to speak… Actually that phrase might not be too far from the truth in many respects.  Apparently, although she might not look the sort, believe it or not our Ruby has a number of slaves!  You’ll have to ask her more about that of course because we wouldn’t want to speculate just what goes on there… For fun Ruby likes to mix things up in the bedroom a little and she has a passion for lots and lots of foreplay, so when you get on the phone to her you’d better be able to give her a lot of attention.

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers on Babestation X tonight

Ruby is really looking forward to the show and she’s sure to be Tweeting about it and all that if you want to go and follow her.  Why not ask her a few questions on there?

Babestation X – Ruby Summers tonight!

It’s all kicking off at 22.00 as usual, and as usual the first half an hour will be available to members of Babestation X and it”ll be online only.  At 22.30 it goes onto Freeview too.  You can sign up with Babestation X by going to BSX.TV.

Carla Mai has shot with Babestation X many times before and on our website right now you can catch her in: The Dirty Cleaner and two pre-recorded Babestation X hardcore fucking shows; we’ve also got a great shoot of Carla and the wonderful Lacey Lorenzo getting very filthy with each other.  If you sign up as a member (even just a two day trial) you’ll get all this content and more.

Carla Mai

Carla Mai

Chloe Lovette needs no introduction of course, she’s been all over your screens lately in various live shows and she continues to try and quench her appetite for hardcore sex with whoever she can get it on a daily basis.  There seriously is no satisfying this girl.  Let’s see if Carla can do the job tonight on the live show… This is going to be a good one!

So if you want to see these two in action tune in from 22.00 this evening on BSX.TV

Babestation X – Live girls!

There’s always something to look forward to with Babestation X of course, but today has two appearance you might be particularly interested in…

On the live show tonight we have Preeti of course, one of the most successful Babestation girls of all time.  Preeti joined Babestation along with her sister Priya a number of years ago and the two made an impact that any hardened (no pun intended) Babestation fan is likely to forget.  She has since gone on to become one of the Babestation all stars, so to speak, in her own right and continues to pull the crowds when she’s on the show.  Preeti did of course re-launch Babestation X back in December, but she’s been busting to get back on the live show ever since; and tonight is her night guys, so don’t be late… 22.00

Preeti live show

Preeti on Babestation X tonight!

The other bit of news we have for you is concerning Babestation Unleashed.  This is a first on the Unleashed show and it’s sure to pull a few in too.  The very talented Tina Love will be doing her first ever Babestation Unleashed show today from 12.00-20.00.  That’s 8 hours live on the BSX.TV player for you to get in touch with her and ask her to do whatever you want.  She’s pictured below on a live Babestation X show with Angel Long and if you enjoy your time with Tina today you can see this video in our member’s area, along with a load of other great content.

Tina Love

Tina Love on Babestation Unleashed today

Joining her on Babestation Unleashed tomorrow will be Jessica Lloyd from 10.00-1800…

Babestation X – Making Friday worth waiting for!

Thursday action on Babestation X.  There’s always something to watch…

Here’s your Babestation Unleashed action today:

  • Faye Rampton 10.00-18.00
  • Wendy Taylor 10.00-18.00
  • Leigh Darby 18.00-01.00
  • Beth 18.00-02.00

If you’ve never seen Beth on the Babestation Unleashed show then you really should have a look at her.  Well, don’t forget to check them all out of course.  Those two Milfs Wendy and Faye are fucking hot and might very well end up fucking each other if they get themselves too wound up!  It’s not unheard of with those two.

Wendy Taylor and Faye Rampton

Wendy Taylor and Faye Rampton

Content on BSX.TV

On the Babestation X website you’ll find some newly added live show recordings and if you have a browse around you’ll also find lots of classic live show recordings from ages ago.  Some of these girls have moved on, but we got them in their prime and it’s a lot of fun watching them back again!

You can sign up for a trial membership for less than a fiver too.  This will buy you two days access to the website, and if you sign up on a Friday night you’ll get the Friday and Saturday live shows too!

Live show this Friday

That brings us neatly around to discussing Friday’s live show.  This week we’ll be welcoming back the one and only Preeti from Babestation.  Preeti hasn’t done a live Babestation X show since December when we relaunched, and she’s busting to get her punani out and show it off to all her devoted fans again.  So whatever membership option you go for, make sure you can get to see the live show on Friday night because between 22.00-22.30 Preeti will be getting as filthy as she gets!


Preeti on the live show this Friday

Babestation X – Bringing you the best Babestation girls getting freaky!

Chloe Lovette and Sami J lead the way in tonight’s live show…

These two are well up for a night of debauchery and… well, just plain filth to put it bluntly.  We’re sure you’ve seen these two before of course.  Chloe Lovette has featured a lot on our live shows and she’s a regular on Babestation Unleashed of course.  Sami J joined us a while ago and has been doing pretty much the same, but there’s nothing these two love more than getting their hands on each other; especially live on camera!

Sami J

Selfie by Sami J

You can expect it to kick off at the usual time tonight, and remember that the filthy stuff happens online only between 22.00-22.30 and you have to be a member to watch it.  Sign up for a two day trial membership with Babestation X if you’re not already and you can have all the content on the website too for the next couple of days.  There’s plenty onsite to go at if you like Chloe and Sami too, including previously recorded shows etc.

Babestation Unleashed today

Here’s what you can expect to see on the Babestation X live player:

  • Chessie Kay 10.00-18.00
  • Sami J 12.00-20.00

Looks as though Sami is going to be keeping busy all day and all night!  Her Babestation Unleashed appearance should warm her up nicely for the show with Chloe later on.

Babestation X – The best live shows!

The first thing we need to tell you is that everything you see written in this post is actually real… We’re not pulling an April Fool gag…

This is because we have some good news about Wednesday night on the live show.  Babestation X is going to present you with a lesbian duo rather than a solo show this week and we hope you will all tune in to watch.  Sami J and Chloe Lovette are becoming really rather close and simply can’t keep their hands off each other, so we figured we’d give them another show to keep them happy (and you of course!)


Chloe Lovette BabestationX

It’s going to be on at the usual time and the first half an hour will have them both well juiced up because they can do whatever they want to each other.  From 22.00-22.30 is the time you need to tune in online only to get the full impact of this live show, after this time it will be broadcast on Freeview too so we can’t be too filthy.

Babestation Unleashed today

On another note this is what you’ve got from Babestation Unleashed today (and you can watch these girls on BSX.TV too):

  • Beth 10.00-18.00
  • Chessie Kay 12.00-20.00
  • Brookie 18.00-02.00
Brookie Little

Brookie Little

If this isn’t enough to satisfy you and you’re already a member of our website with access to the plethora of porn we have there, well… there’s no hope for you, you need therapy!

Babestation X – Giving you more than you need