There you have it guys, the one and only Daisy Dash is finally going to show you what’s between her legs…

The former Babestation Academy girl who worked her way up through the ranks onto days and then nights at Babestation is now ready to take her final test!  She’s going to get the knickers off and open her legs for the first time on screen!  We are dedicating an entire evening to this lovely piece of ass and it’s all happening this Thursday!

Daisy Dash

Daisy Dash debut appearance on BSX

Obviously, as you all know by now, you’ll have to be a member of Babestation X to get a glimpse of that sweet punani, but we’re certain that anyone out there with an ounce of taste when it comes to Babestation girls will be well and truly signed up and tuned in by 22.00 on Thursday for the opening (no pun intended) half hour of action!

Daisy Dash

Classic Babestation Academy pic of Daisy

Daisy is said to be very excited by the whole experience and simply can’t decide what to wear for her debut on the show.  We advise you to wear absolutely nothing Daisy, it’s not going to matter much when the show starts anyway!  Why not talk to Daisy directly by messaging her through Twitter?

Babestation X – We’re the ones who turned Daisy Dash!

For all of you guys out there who have only just discovered Babestation X – Where the hell have you been?

We bring you live Babestation X shows every Friday and Saturday night, featuring some of the biggest names from Babestation and beyond.  The live shows are available online for the first half an hour, and this is where you’ll be able to see the girls performing uncensored content, the type that you couldn’t show on TV for love nor money.  You have to be a member of Babestation to feast your greedy eyes on this however.  After the first half an hour the show goes out on Freeview Channel 174.

Hannah Shaw on BSX

Hannah Shaw on BSX

You can however become a member just for the weekend if you so wish, and this isn’t a bad option at all for a fiver!  This gives you a two day trial pass and access to everything on the website plus the two live shows on Friday and Saturday.  On the website you’ll find loads of old shows that we recorded, so you didn’t really miss much at all!  As well as all that we have exclusive pictures and videos of hundreds of porn stars and loads of hardcore porn scenes, including our very own series productions.

Babestation X – More than just live shows


It’s been another fab weekend on Babestation X, we’re sure you’ll agree…

Back to Babestation Unleashed today then guys, and this is who you can expect to see on our live player all day…

Babestation Unleashed:

  • Beth 10.00-18.00
  • Daisy Dash 12.00-20.00
  • Faye Rampton 18.00-02.00
Daisy Dash

Daisy Dash

Three marvellous creatures with bodies that you all want to get your hands on.  Have you actually spoken to any of these girls before?  Do tell?

Babestation X – Free live girls!

How many of you watched the human centipede that was Beth, Chloe and Sienna last night?

That was one hell of a show let me tell you, I could hardly drag my eyes away from it.  Of course I have to watch them, it’s my job!  Tough life this…

Anyway, tonight we have some more girl on girl action for you with the lovely Victoria Summers coming back to the live show to have a go at Abi Goodchild, the fresh faced, gorgeous brunette everyone’s been talking about.

Abi Goodchild

Abi Goodchild

You’ll see that Abi has all the curves in the right places of course, we just can’t wait to see what she has between the legs for the lovely Victoria; you all know how Victoria can’t get enough of that!

Abi Goodchild

Abi Goodchild

If you want to watch these two going at it you’ll need to be a member of BSX.TV in order to watch it from 22.00 when the hardcore stuff can air online.  If the content of the show is anything at all like last night’s live show, you’re in for a treat!

Babestation X – Live girls every weekend.

It’s another threesome special tonight guys…

Chloe Lovette (and you know she does!) will be joined by Beth and Sienna Day for the live show everyone’s been talking about all week.  These three have already proven themselves individual successes on Babestation X, and they’ve all played with other girls before, so we can’t wait for tonight at 22.00.

Babestation's Beth


Sienna Day

Sienna Day on Babestation X

Remember that it’s online only from 22.00-22.30 and you have to be a member.  However, it’s during this half hour segment that you’ll see the filthiest stuff; sadly they can’t be that rude on live television later on!

Tomorrow night we have Chessie Kay and Abi Goodchild to entertain you!

Babestation X – the home of the best live girls in the UK

You all know about Friday night of course.  Loads of girl on girl action featuring three of our very best…

It’s Chloe Lovette, Beth and Sienna Day on Friday night from 22.00.  Remember that you’ll get the naughty stuff in the first half an hour if you’re a member.



On today’s Babestation Unleashed show:

  • Beth 10.00-18.00
  • Chessie Kay 10.00-18.00
  • Leigh Darby 18.00-01.00
  • Sienna Day 18.00-02.00

It’s not often that you see Leigh Darby on Unleashed, so this might be a show to look out for guys.  We’re sure that once those massive tits come out to play the rest will follow pretty soon after; she’s not shy after all!

Chessie Kay - Babestation

The fantastic Chessie Kay on Babestation X this Saturday

Saturday Night on Babestation X

The weekend only begins with the threesome girl on girl show, on Saturday we’ve got even more to look forward to.  Stars of Babestation Unleashed – Chessie Kay and Abi Goodchild – will be joining the Babestation X team for a full on girl-girl show that’s sure to blow your mind.

Remember that if you’re not a member of Babestation X, if you want to catch Friday and Saturday’s shows then it’d be a good idea to get yourself a two day trial membership tomorrow and this will cover you for both shows and let you get your hands on all our great website content for the duration of your membership.

Babestation X – Bringing you the best live shows

Here’s your line up for Babestation Unleashed today…  Remember you can watch these girls all day, ever day, for FREE!

Babestation Unleashed:

  • Jessica Lloyd 10.00-18.00
  • Sami J 12.00-20.00
  • Elicia Solis 18.00-02.00
  • Sienna Day 20.00-02.00

That little lot will keep the old chap awake for the rest of the day we’re sure.  Just a pity some of you are at work of course; you might just have to pop out for an extra long toilet break with your laptop or tablet and bang a quick one out!  Free live girls have never been so readily available.


Chloe Lovette BabestationX

Babestation X on Friday

Friday night sees the return of the wonderful Chloe Lovette, and she will be performing with our New Zealand lovely Beth and the gorgeous Sienna Day.  That’s three girls performing live on the show this Friday.  This is not one to be missed guys!

Get yourself a membership to Babestation X and you’ll be afforded the chance of really getting to know these girls by looking at all the exclusive content we have for them on the website right now; and you also need to be a member to watch the live show at the weekend.  You could of course wait until Friday if you want a cheaper option and then get a trial membership for two days for a fiver… Up to you.

Babestation X – Always providing something for the weekend!

Here you go fellas, it looks as though it’s going to be yet another great show…

We’ve had a few comments here and there about girls you would like to see on Babestation Unleashed.  I think Savannah was mentioned once or twice and the lovely Ruby Summers.  Of course, this is up to the girls and not us I’m afraid, but we are of course in agreement with you!  Feel free to keep posting comments about who you’d most like to see getting naked and playing with themselves all day long…

Babestation Unleashed today:

  • Sophie Parker 10.00-18.00
  • Faye Rampton 18.00-2.00
  • Tamara Grace 18.00-02.00
Sophie Parker

Sophie Parker

That ought to do it for you right?  Tamara Grace is making quite an impression on Unleashed so far and she’s certainly worth a quick look (as are the other girls of course, we wouldn’t want any jealousy would we?)

Babestation X – Free live girls every day…

It gives us great pleasure to tell you exactly what you can get for free, so here goes.  All the girls here are on your Babestation X live player today and tonight and they’re all free to watch!

Babestation Unleashed:

  • Chessie Kay 10.00-18.00
  • Beth 18.00-02.00
  • Abbi Goodchild 18.00-02.00
Babestation Beth


That’s just enough pussy for any man to handle, especially on a Monday!

Now, if you want more then you can always go along to the Babestation X website and check out all the juicy content available on there; including: hardcore porn, live show recording, solo girls and exclusive pictures and videos that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Babestation X – The dirty side of Babestation

Emma Butt

Babestation are incredibly lucky to have a porn legend such as Emma Butt on the team.  We won’t go into a massive and exhaustive list of where you might have seen Emma before, but suffice it to say that you must have seen her at least once if you’ve ever watched porn in your lifetime!  Emma makes porn look easy, and we’re not only proud that she’s on the Babestation team, we’re also pleased that she’s part of the UK porn scene!

Emma Butt

Emma Butt appearing on Babestation X this Saturday Night!

The legend that is Emma Butt will be here with you on the live Babestation X show this Saturday night – 17th May – so that’s one for your diary.  Remember to get online at 22.00 to catch the first half an hour of the show when Emma can behave at her filthiest; most of you will know that Emma is truly in her element when she can strip herself completely naked, allowing her to play with her pussy and let those massive tits swing free for your enjoyment.  Emma really gets off on the fact that she’s getting you off guys, so don’t forget it.

You’ll need to be a member of Babestation X to watch Emma’s dirty segment between 22.00-22.30, but if you’re not a member you can sign up on a two day trial membership for less than a fiver.  If you sign up on the Friday night – 16th – you’ll get two live Babestation X shows.  On Friday, as you may already know, we have a solo special with the wonderful Dirty Jada.  Jada is another of Babestation’s very own legends, and she loves our live solo shows.

Babestation X – Presenting you with the legend that is Emma Butt – Saturday 17th May!