Pornstar threesome special on 4th January!

What did we tell you about 2014?  We told you it would be good right?  Well, last night’s show with Beth and Karlie Simon was awesome and we’ve had some great comments already, and now we’re looking forward to even more talent tonight.

Sienna Day

Sienna Day on Babestation X

Jess West and Chloe Lovette will be joined by Sienna Day for a lesbian threesome spectacular!  These three porn legends really like to crawl all over each other’s naked bodies and they’re certainly going to make the most out of that first half an hour online!

Jess West

Jess West

For those of you who aren’t yet aware, Babestation X broadcast on Freeview Channel 174 throughout the night, but our first half an hour will be broadcast online only so that the girls can go as hardcore and wild as they like with each other.  Here you can expect to see everything they want to do (which believe me, won’t leave much to your imagination!)

Chloe Lovette

Chloe Lovette

I say this hesitantly of course, but if there are any particular Babestation girls you’d like to see on Babestation X again, or perhaps any of those who haven’t turned to the dark side yet, do leave us a comment in the box; you know how much we love hearing from you…

Les X

Babestation X – It’s going to be a very Happy New Year!


So Happy New Year!  And we hope that you’re going to have a wonderful one…

Here at Babestation X we’re going to make sure that the show will be even better than last year (if that is indeed possible!)  More tits, ass and punani may not be actually possible, but we’ll give it a go anyway…


This Friday 3rd January we have something very special for you.  You all know Beth right?  Well, this gorgeous Babestation favourite is going to be performing her very first Girl-Girl show on Friday with the lovely Karlie Simon.  This is a pretty big deal guys, simply because it’s her first show anywhere, not just on Babestation X!

Babestation X

Babestation X show with Beth

We’re hoping that Karlie Simon will really break her in on Friday.  It doesn’t take long for Karlie to get anyone’s juices going, and we’re sure you lot are all very well aware of that by now.  Personally I need only write her name and I get a boner!  (I know, it’s my hang up and I’m looking into it!)

So this wonderful Babestation X show will be live online on Friday night for the first half an hour, where things are likely to go from hot to positively volcanic in a very short space of time.  Then the show will go out on Freeview 174 as usual, with these two girls taking the whole nation to the dizzying heights of sexual ecstasy!

Les X

Babestation X – Two day trial memberships only £1.50

We’re determined to make it a good end to 2013 on Babestation X…

And we’re going to do this by presenting you with an amazing live show tonight!  Online first as always, so they get very dirty indeed, we have the wonderful duo of Leigh Darby and Dionne Mendez!

Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez

If you’ve ever seen either of these babes before then you’ll know just how hardcore they can get, so we’re expecting something particularly filthy tonight!  They’ve both got a tremendous sense of occasion too, so they know how worked up everyone is going to be about this show.

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby

Why don’t you follow them on Twitter and chat about their show later:

Dionne on Twitter

Leigh Darby on Twitter

We’re planning to make next year a cracker on Babestation X.  We’re happy to see all of our regular viewers still enjoying our service and we’d like to offer a warm welcome to all those new viewers and Babestation X members too; 2014 will be awesome!

If you’d like to join Babestation X you can get a trial membership for just £1.50

Babestation X – The only way is Babestation…


From everyone at Babestation X we’d like to wish you…

Now then, back to fundamentals.  We came back to you with a bang, and we came back in style, so we’d very much like to keep the momentum going.  So the next set of live shows we have for you will be on 27th December…  There’s no way we can broadcast on Christmas day of course; these girls need a break you know!

UK porn

Victoria Summers – Babestation X

So on Friday 27th we have the lovely Jasmine Jae and Victoria Summers giving you the benefit of their post Christmas festive spirit.  Nothing like a hot girl after Christmas when she got all the gifts and attention a young woman wants at that time of year you know…  I imagine that they’re going to get along just fine!

Babestation X – Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Slight change of plan tonight…

It’s only slight so keep your knickers on and allow our girls to do that business…  tonight it’s going to be Sami J and Ava Koxxx instead, but these two are going to have just as much fun.  Instead of the planned blonde on blonde girl-girl action it’s going to be blond and brunette.  Ava Koxxx has also got some wonderfully massive tits too, so there’s nothing to complain about there right?

Ava Koxxx

Ava Koxxx massive tits

It’s online for the first half an hour of course, so we strongly suggest you don’t miss that part of the show.  Then we’ll be switching it onto Freeview too.

Saturday Night

Here’s the news for Saturday night guys, and this one is going to be awesome.  Camilla Jayne will be our live show lovely on Saturday night!  That’s right… The former Queen of Babestation is back on the show she loves so much, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Camilla Jayne

Babestation X with Camilla!

Babestation X at Christmas – It doesn’t get much better than this!

Here we go guys!  This is what’s on the cards for Friday…

Its girl-girl time guys.  And for your viewing pleasure we’ve got two of the hottest porn stars in the business.  Newcomers to Babestation X this time.  Miss Sami J and Miss Dani Maye will be getting their heads (and probably a lot more) together for an evening of filthy fun.  The first half an hour is of course going to be the stuff dreams are made of boys because it’s available online only and they can do what the hell they like…

Dani Maye Babestation X

Dani Maye

You can access the online only segment by going to the Babestation X website of course.  And whilst you’re there you might be interested in all the content we’ve got on there too.  I’ll tell you a little more about that tomorrow!

Sami J

Sami J

Babestation X – Bigger and better than ever!

Here we go guys and gals, this is how your Babestation X show looks for Wednesday night…

We’ve got a first this week.  The lovely Leigh Darby from Babestation will be doing her first Babestation X solo show on Wednesday night!  Leigh is really looking forward to having this show dedicated totally to her.  She’s a wonderful girl and we’re sure you’re going to appreciate those lovely big tits; wondering how far she’ll go during the first half hour online only?  Then tune into the Babestation X website on Wednesday.

Babestation X Live show

Leigh Darby on Babestation X

You can follow Leigh Darby on Twitter if you like, she’s always on there being dirty and generally chatting to her fans and other adult stars.  It really is like being in their world!  Get into it.  You’ll also see a load more dirty pictures on there too.  Thank heavens for Twitter!

Details for Friday and Saturday coming your way tomorrow.

Les X

Sign up to Babestation X

Live show’s don’t get much better than they do on  Babestation X…

Tonight – Saturday 14th December – will feature another live girl-girl special with Kiki Minaj and Ava Dalush!  This is going to be simply wonderful.  You’ll get these two going hardcore online for the first half an hour remember, and then it’ll be all over Freeview 174 for the rest of the night, along with a load of great content!

Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush

With the weather like it is at the moment there’s no point in going out up town, you might as well stay home, save your money and have a chat with Kiki or Ava (or both) whilst giving yourself a handjob from heaven!  Have a great night guys…

Babestation X

Alright Elicia and Leigh have confirmed the following outfits for tonight…

Sexy outfits are the order of the evening it appears, so you can expect: naughty nurses and sexy secretaries!  These two really like to get the excitement building from the start so you’ll want to be there when Babestation X begins online at 10pm.  Remember the first half an hour is hardcore and online only!

Elicia Solis getting naughty

Elicia Solis getting naughty

Apparently there’s also talk of the two of them getting completely naked and getting the squirty cream out too!  Not sure whether they’ll be bananas etc involved, but I don’t think the girls will be necessarily thinking about the calorie content of their messy antics do you?

Babestation X Leigh Darby

Leigh darby

Don’t miss tonight’s show guys, you’ll only regret it when we bang on about it next week!

Babestation X – Great live Friday shows!

So you’re all aware of what’s going on Wednesday night – the wonderful Brookie Little is back on the live show…

However, here’s what else we’ve got lined up for you at the end of the week.

Friday Night on Babestation X

Due to some unforseen circumstances we’ve had to change line up for the weekend guys… On Friday night we now have the wonderful Leigh Darby and the Met Police babe Elicia Solis!  These two are sure to enjoy the whole evening on Babestation X, but you can bet your balls that they’re going to love the first half an hour of the live show online (where they can get nice and filthy with each other.

Babestation X Leigh Darby

Leigh darby

So it doesn’t get much better than that does it?  Two fabulous UK adult stars on one night, and the lovely Brookie Little on Wednesday…

Babestation X – Keeping it fresh, just for you!