threeway all girl update today on, a menage a trios of mayhem, big butts, big tits, kinky boots, fishnets its all here and of course dont forget you get a free pin EVERY DAY to watch BSX on Freeview when you join

So it’s Camilla tonight, but what’s on the live show menu for the weekend?

Friday night – 31st January – on Babestation X

It’s Babestation’s very own former Metropolitan Police officer Elicia Solis getting her freak on with the one and only Kate Santoro.  These two will be playing with each other all night and of course you’ll get the first half an hour uncensored and as lively as they care to make it online only if you’re a member of Babestation X

Kate Santoro

Kate Santoro

Kate Santoro looks pretty hot yes?  We’re very happy to have her on the show with that lovely innocent, yet slutty face and those lovely titties!  And we’re even happier that she’s going to be doing bad things with Elicia.  Maybe they’ll get the strap on out?

Elicia Solis

Elicia Solis

Follow Kate Santoro on Twitter and implore her to do Elicia from behind!

Babestation X – Friday Night is looking pretty damn hot!


This week some great scenes have gone up in the member area of How many of your remember Carmel Moore ? went to America, worked with Brazzers, got famous, takes it up the ass with gusto ? yep, thats the same Carmel Moore, well, I found a great scene I shot with her a few years ago, she looks great, lovely tits, doing some serious anal hardcore with a Stud we brought down.
There is a great scene with Bonnie Rose and Chloe Lovette, both wrapped up in fishnets, heels and various nylon accoutrements for a ‘Sexy Stockings’ scene, lots of finger and toy fucking, kissing, licking and all the usual stuff you might find is your thing.
And my favourite update of the past few days is the lovely Euro Porn Star Simony Style getting a thorough knobbing from Marc Rose in the Ball Room of Portland Manor, Simony is wearing a rather nice pair of gold micro hot pants and matching skimpy top, she has natural tits too and no tattoos for those of you that appreciate that, anyway after giving Marc’s cock a good polish he fucks her good and hard and she finishes him off with a good hand shandy, and dont forget If you decide to take a peek in our member area when you join you get a free PIN every day to watch our Freeview encrypted BSX show, so whats not to like ?

Babestation X this Wednesday…

Its Camilla time again folks!  We know how popular she is, and she can’t get enough of you guys, so she’s back; and boy oh boy didn’t she look good last time?  It must be all the MMA she’s been doing.  That’s mixed martial arts for those of you who don’t know, and Camilla is well into it.  That fine, fit and tight looking body doesn’t create itself you know!


Former Queen of Babestation Camilla

We know how much you love the Babestation girls and that’s why we got Camilla for you.  I know she’s not technically a Babestation girl anymore, but this is a little nostalgia for those of you who remember when she was…

Don’t forget that we still have a load of original and exclusive Camilla content on the Babestation X website too guys and you can sign up for a two day trial for just £1.50 – incidentally, you’ll need to do this to see the first half an hour of the live show on Wednesday because it’s available online only… This is of course because Camilla will be getting Xtra naughty before we air on Freeview Channel 174…

Babestation X – Camilla is back on Wednesday!

This is what your weekend looks like on Babestation X guys!

It’s a hot one to say the very least ladies and gents, and that makes a very welcome change to this continuous shitty and pissy weather I’m sure you’ll agree!

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby


Friday night belongs to Leigh Darby, and guess who will be performing alongside her?  Sami J again!  Yes indeed, she enjoyed it so much on Wednesday that we can’t get her to leave the studio.  We’ve locked her up in a box room in her knickers because she keeps getting in the way.  We told her that if she behaves herself we’ll let her out on Friday.  We slide food and pornography under the door for her of course, just to keep her going and enthusiastic!

Babestation X

Sami J on twice this weekend!


Saturday night is going to be yet another awesome show, and once we’ve got Sami J out of the building (when Leigh Darby has finished with her of course), we’ll be bringing in the lovely Beth from Babestation and her partner in crime Sienna Day!  You may have caught Beth’s last Babestation X show, I know I did.  It was fucking good (and that’s a massive understatement!)

Sienna Day

Sienna Day Babestation

The great news about Sienna Day of course (other than the fact she’s hot!) is that she’s joining Babestation in February and she’ll become a regular feature!  We hope she’ll enjoy her Babestation X show and want to do more of those too of course…

Beth Babestation X

Beth Babestation X

So if you’re not a member of Babestation X, Friday would be a good time to sign up on our two day trial membership offer of £1.50.  This means you’ll be able to catch the online only, hardcore segments for each of our weekend live shows; after this segment they will be showing on Freeview 174 as well as online so they can’t be as naughty.

Les X

Babestation X – Making your weekends more worthwhile…

This Wednesday on Babestation X we have a first for Miss Sami J…

That’s right, this lovely piece of ass will be performing her first ever solo show with us on Wednesday 22nd January.  You know the rules by now we’re sure.  She goes as hard as she likes online for the first half an hour and you can only watch this if you’re a member of Babestation X or Babestation of course…  Then we go onto Freeview channel 174.  You can become a member on a two day trial if you like for £1.50.

Sami J

Sami J

So, she’s blonde, she’s sexy, she has a body that would make the fucking Pope salivate… What’s not to like here guys?  I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome show.  See you there…

Les X

Babestation X – Show your support for Sami J on her first live show!

Have you seen our Babestation Tube site?

You’re all well aware that there are free porn tube sites all over the internet of course, but we thought our fans may be a little more discerning…

The fact is that many of our Babestation and Babestation X fans have a particular fondness for our girls, and not just any old girl getting her kit off or sucking some dick on the internet.  So in order to appreciate those fans we put together a tube site with loads of free stuff on it just for you.  Hey, if you can’t beat them, join them right.  We’re confident that Babestation will keep its loyal following anyway.

Babestation Tube Site

Babestation Tube Site

Anyway, go along and have a look at the Babestation Tube Site and see what you think… Let us know any comments in the box below etc, you all know how much Mark loves to reply to you J



Babestation X

Saturday sees two of the best porn stars you’re likely to see returning to Babestation X…

Leigh Darby will be joined on Saturday by the one and only UK porn sensation Chantelle Fox, for a night of lesbian live show action!  We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to say it until we get too pissed off with it – These two are so fucking dirty!

Chantelle hasn’t been on Babestation X for a while, but she’s more than ready for a return to action, so to speak, and can’t think of anyone better to do it with than Leigh Darby

“I can’t wait to get my hands on her massive tits to be honest.  I want to suck on her nipples while I stick my hand down the front of her knickers!”

Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox on Babestation X Saturday Night with Leigh Darby

Well, we couldn’t have said it any better if we’d tried to make it up really could we?  Who wouldn’t want to do that to Leigh Darby anyway Chantelle, you’re not telling us anything new here!

The same old rules apply of course.  It’s hardcore online only for the first half an hour of the live show, and then it goes to Freeview channel 174 for the rest of the night (it’ll still be very hot mind you!)  If you want to get access to the hardcore segment you’ll need to be a member of Babestation X, and you can do this for two days for the small fee of £1.50.

Babestation X tonight!

If you want news about tonight’s show, it’s all go for Jasmine Jae and Angel Long!

Babestation X – The best live girls in the business!

You all know who you’ve got tonight on the live show of course – Camilla – but here’s what you can expect on Friday!

Friday night sees a lesbian sex show extravaganza with the AVN award nominee Jasmine Jae and the UK porn legend Angel Long!  These two are bound to bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your pants…

Angel Long

Angel Long on Babestation X with Jasmine Jae

When you get two porn stars like this together for the whole night you can bet your bollocks it’s going to be hot, and even when it goes onto Freeview 174 later on you’re sure to feel the chemistry between these two dirty fuckers.

Remember about the first half an hour boys… This is the part that’s only available online and only available to members.  If you’re not a member you can always sign up for a two day trial for the small fee of £1.50!

Jasmine Jae

AVN nominated Jasmine Jae

You can follow Angel long on Twitter

You can follow Jasmine Jae on Twitter

Les X

Babestation X – Friday night live with Angel Long and Jasmine Jae!

Your midweek treat on Wednesday is the lovely Camilla!

Often referred to as The Queen of Babestation, the lovely Camilla Jayne will be returning to your screens on Wednesday 15th January for a live solo show.


Camilla on Babestation X Wednesday night!

The last time I saw Camilla I was invited along to one of her shoots with Mark Cremona.  I have to say that aside from her obvious good looks and fantastic body, Camilla was one of the friendliest and most accommodating glamour model professionals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  She answered a volley of questions for the online magazine I was working for at the time, and she allowed me to shadow Mark all over the building on the shoot.



The pictures on today’s blog are from that very shoot and I really hope you like them… Not only do they clearly show off just how hot Camilla is, they also show just how talented our very own Mr. Cremona is at capturing the very best, from the very best.  Perhaps I’ll let him go to work on my girlfriend? (Not like that Mark!)


Camilla – One of Mark’s favourite shots I think

Anyway, don’t forget that the lovely Camilla will be at her filthy happiest during the first half hour of Wednesday’s show, so if you’re a member of the Babestation X website you’re in for a treat.  If you’re not a member then you can sign up for a two day trial as always for £1.50; and this will also get you access to all our content.  After the first half an hour, although you’ll still be able to watch online, the show will go to Freeview channel 174 for everyone else.


Camilla looking like she’s just been fucked!

Don’t forget to follow Camilla on Twitter!


Les X

Babestation X – Presenting the former Queen – Camilla Jayne