So, first we’d like to thank you for your participation on Babestation X at the weekend, we think it all went fairly well, thanks for your comments…

It’s only going to get better and better, and we’re definitely not going anywhere, so you’ll probably want to know what’s coming soon.  This weekend we’ve got another four girls doing the live show and these will be as follows:

Friday night 29th November – Ella Mai and Sammi J

Saturday 30th November – Victoria Summers and Elicia Solis

They’ll be more information and reminders during the week of course, and hopefully a few exclusive pictures when we decide what we’re using.  Just thought you’d like to know as soon as you could so you could plan your weekend around it.


However, there’s some good stuff coming up on Unleashed to keep you interested until the weekend, and of course with your Babestation X membership you get access to all the Unleashed shows remember!

Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd

It’s the one and only star of Sexstation TV Jessica Lloyd with one of her favourite studs Mr Dean Van Damme!  These two have got it on before and absolutely love the live shows; both are fantastic performers.  This goes out live on Wednesday night – 27th November – at 10pm, so don’t be late.

Remember that if you’re not a member of Babestation X you can sign up for a two day trial membership for just £1.50.  It’s always a good idea to sign up for your trial on a night when there are one of two live shows going on, then you really get boobs for you bucks!

Babestation X – Live shows and more…


Babestation X weekend…

Of course you’ll know by now what’s going on tonight on Babestation X tonight – we’re back!  It’ll be Dionne Mendez and Taylor Shay taking you to new heights of pleasure tonight, but we’re going to tell you a little bit about Saturday night too.

Saturday on Babestation X

This Saturday, if you’ve got any stamina left from Friday night’s show, you’ll get to see the fantastic Jasmine Jae on Babestation X!  We’re quite sure she’ll manage a Saturday night spectacular; I mean… have you ever seen Jasmine Jae perform?  You’re in for one hell of a treat!

Jasmine Jae on Babestation X

Jasmine Jae on Babestation X this Saturday

So that’s Friday and Saturday pretty much wrapped up for you right?

Not a member?  Don’t worry!

Want to know how you can get both shows for £1.50?

Sign up on a two day trial membership to Babestation X and you’ll get what you want, plus all the content from our website for two whole days.  Dionne Mendez, Taylor Shay, Jasmine Jae and Ava Koxxx all in one weekend?  You lucky fuckers!

Les X

Babestation X – We’re back and we’re bad!


Dionne, Dionne, Dionne…

That’s what you’d chant into her eyes as you gazed at her over dinner right?  Well of course you would in your dreams, but that ain’t going to happen boys!  However, you’ll get the next best thing on Friday night, when you’ll be able to watch her go real bad with the gorgeous new face to Babestation X – Miss Taylor Shay.  Not only will you be able to watch these two, you’ll be able to call them up too… That’s what Babestation X is all about guys, and it’s all for you.

Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez

We’re so glad to be back, and back with Dionne Mendez too.  What a treat!  For those of you who don’t know much about Dionne, to begin with: where the fuck have you been for the last ten years!  Dionne is one of the biggest names in Babe Channel history, and she is of course a Babestation Veteran of the highest order!

Dionne is a very highly ranked porn star, having done virtually everything she can in the adult industry; and boy oh boy has she done it well!  You can expect only the very best from her on Friday on Babestation X as we re-launch our show online at 10pm.

Babestation X – We’re back and we’re ready for ya!

We’re back!  Babestation X is back this Friday and it’s better than ever…

Babestation X is back!

Babestation X is back!

No fucking around guys, this time we’re really back in business.

Friday night sees the launch of Babestation X again, and doing the honours are the lovely Dionne Mendez and Taylor Shay!  These two will be opening the online show at 10pm sharp, so get your seats!  Remember that if you’re a member you get it for free!  And boy do you deserve it!  If you’re not a member you can sign up for the beginning of our new Babestation X era on a trial membership for just £1.50.  This will also give you two days access to our website so you can access all of our website content too.

Dionne is a Babestation veteran of course; we’re sure most of you know this already.  And if anyone’s going to get filthy on the opening night it’s her.  Dionne will be on the show with a newcomer to Babestation X, the South African born busty star Taylor Shay.

Taylor Shay

Taylor Shay appearing with Dionne Mendez on Friday Night

It’s a really big deal having Taylor Shay on the show; this is one hell of a visitor, so we’re hoping you’ll be able to come along and show her what you’ve got!  She’s no stranger to the adult industry, she’s been all over Europe and beyond, working for industry giants like Viv Thomas and Playboy.

This is a real big deal guys.  We know some of you have been very patient waiting for us to get off the ground again, but your prayers have been answered.  We’re back and we’re bad!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with schedules and more…

Les. X

Babestation X – Sign up for the show of a lifetime!

Unleashed this weekend…

It’s Chantelle Fox and that dirty bastard Marc Rose.  He gets his face everywhere these days; and more importantly he gets his dick there too!

Chantelle Fox

Chantelle Fox

Anyway, it’s on Sunday night at 10pm so don’t be late folks.  You all know how filthy Chantelle is, so it’s going to be a good show; you can bet on it.

Free to Babestation X members of course, and if you’re not a member you can sign up for a two day trial for just £1.50 and become one.  You get all our website included in this very small fee!

Babestation X – Value porn!

Unleashed are presenting you with a fantastic live show tonight… It’s threesome night!

So who do we have for you?  We’ve got Jasmine James, Billie Rai and Dean Van Damme!  These have been banging on about tonight ever since they learned the line up a few hours ago.  Originally it was going to be Delilah Dash, but she had to drop out at the last minute sadly.  But her place was taken by the lovely big tits of Jasmine James, and we’re quite sure that Dean is going to have some fun with them!

Jasmine James

Jasmine James sucking on some cock

Billie Rai isn’t going to know what’s hit her when Jasmine and Dean get together with her on the bed; I just wish I was the one filming the show!  How the hell do you get those jobs anyway, I’m pretty sure I could do it… Mark, tell the management I want a promotion please!

Remember that you need to be a member to watch this live sex show, but if you’re not a member you can join for two days for just £1.50!  That’ll also buy you two days access to our website, which is updated with fresh content regularly and also houses some of the live show recordings we’ve done.



Babestation X – Live sex at it’s best!

I’d just like to let you know that you can watch Babestation X recorded live shows in our member’s area, and we’ve got some real good ones…

Here you can see some screen grabs from a couple of live shows we’ve had on Babestation X in the past and you can bet that any live shows we do in the future will be recorded too.  We know how loyal many of you are out there to the genuine Babestation girls that go a little further (when they feel like it!) so we’ve made it a point to put as many on the website as we can.

Brookie Little on Babestation X

Brookie Little on Babestation X

Popular shows include those by Brookie Little and of course Lacey Lorenzo.  These two seem to be top of the tits at the moment, but we’ve had loads of others on the show lately including Dirty Jada!  So why bother with the football highlights when you know who won anyway?  Watch Babestation X highlights, because it’s always good news!

Lacey Lorenzo on Babestation X

Lacey Lorenzo on Babestation X

You can sign up on a trial membership for £1.50 if you like and find out just how good the website is.  That’s not a lot of money and it’ll buy you two days access and include any live shows that happen to fall on your two days, including Unleashed performances.

Babestation X – Recording it so you can live it all again…

The live show is here yet again for a Thursday night Babestation X session…

This week we’ve got Dirty Jada featuring, and it’s going to be one hell of a performance.  For those of you who don’t know much about Jada, she’s one of our longest serving Babestation girls, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have this veteran doing the filthier side of the show.  Jada has consistently proved herself to pull in the callers time after time, and there has to be a reason for this right?

Babestation X Jada live show

Classic Jada shot!

Of course!  You see, Jada is no stranger to being dirty.  In fact this is why she was so aptly named “Dirty” Jada all those years ago when she joined the Babestation team.  Anyway, you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve heard her talking dirty on the phone; they don’t get much filthier and more seductive than Jada.

You can watch the live show on the website of course at Babestation X.  We expect to see all of Jada’s fans there watching and picking up the phone for a chat, and we’d also love to welcome a load of you new guys out there who have yet to sample what Jada has to offer.  You really don’t know what you’re missing!

Babestation X – Dirty Jada!

Are there any Sexstation fans here?  Of course there are…

Well, if you’re a fan of the girls on Sexstation (and let’s face it, we do tend to share one or two of them these days), then it might interest you to hear that we’ve already started the voting for Sexstation girl of the year awards.

We did some online voting last year to crown the Sexstation girls with various different awards, and we thought it would be good to get a head start on it this year and get as many votes as we can so that we can be more representative of the fans out there.  Hell, if they can put Christmas things in Tesco in September, then we sure as hell can start the voting for our end of year awards now!

Hardcore porn threesome show on Unleashed

Hardcore porn threesome show on Unleashed

So if you want to vote for the various categories then get yourselves over to the voting page now and make your opinion known.  You won’t be able to go back and forth to it in order to fix the votes either (if you’re reading this girls!) unless you have a whole host of different PCs in a variety of different locations; and I hardly think if you had these you’d be using them to fix a Sexstation Awards vote!

Unleashed tonight

Don’t forget the all girl threesome session on Sexstation tonight guys!  Get on our website to book your front row seat.  If you’re a member it’s free, if you’re not you can watch for just £1.50!

Remember if you sign up for the two day trial today you get tomorrow’s Unleashed show too!

Fucking hell Kiki Minaj got a lot of cock last night!

Kiki Minaj

Kiki Minaj sucking some cock!

That Dean Van Damme certainly knows how to keep a girl happy doesn’t he?  We thought you’d be interested in seeing a couple of pictures of last night’s Unleashed show.  Kiki Minaj always looks so fucking hot in pictures; especially with a stud hanging out of her!

Kiki Minaj

Kiki Minaj

Unleashed is going from strength to strength of course, and tomorrow night promises to set the standard for the rest of November.  It’s the Bonfire Night Special, all girl threesome of course.  This show will feature: Elicia Solis, Jasmine Jae and Victoria Summers.  These three have all been at each other before of course, it’d be hard to keep them apart, so they’re looking forward to having another go live on camera!  The show kicks off on Tuesday 5th November (bonfire night) at 10pm; so even if you do have to go out to one of those dreadfully organised events you’ll still be able to get home, have a beer, unzip your pants and bang a couple out to one of the best live lesbian threesomes you’ll ever see.

Watch our Bonfire Night Promo

Bargain time

Of course, there is a bargain to be had here if you use your head.  Because they’ll be another Unleashed show on Wednesday night, Tuesday will be a really good time to sign up on the two day membership trial for £1.50 on Babestation X.  This will give you all the content on our site and two live shows.  Wednesday’s Unleashed show features Hannah Shaw and Jay Snakes!  That’s going to be a good show too!

Babestation X – Bringing you bargain porn!