Here’s your Friday night schedule guys…

We hope you have a good night with Victoria Summers, Leigh Darby and Abbi Goodchild and their lesbian shenanigans, but don’t forget that tomorrow night it’s the inimitable Dirty Jada doing a solo special!

Jada Babestation X

Imagine getting between those legs!

Schedule for Friday 26th September on Babestation X:

  • Premiere.  Nurse Preeti POV.  Nurse Preeti is on hand to give you a very personal physical examination. I guess it’s only fair that she lets you examine her fine physique too!
  • New and Exclusive.  Beth’s Sexpacking Adventures – Episode One: New Digs.  Young Beth has arrived in London with head full of dreams & a backpack full of sex toys. First on the list is finding somewhere to live. An ad in the newspaper & finds her on Jasmine Jae’s doorstep and a misunderstanding about rent leads to Jasmine coming up with a novel way to pay for the room.
  • Second Chance Live Show.  BSX Live Show 44 PT2.  Beth and Sami J
  • Second Chance Live Show.  BSX Live Show 89 PT1.  Preeti

Babestation X – Threesome tonight and Jada tomorrow, what more do you need?


The weekend is on the way, so we figured you might want to plan your evenings!

And what better plan that to stay indoors with the gorgeous Leigh Darby, Abbi Goodchild and Victoria Summers on Friday night, and then the inimitable Dirty Jada in a solo special on Saturday?  If you’re not a member of Babestation X then Friday is definitely the time to sign up on a two day trial for a fiver!

Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers

On top of access to the live shows you’ll get exclusive content from Babestation X, including pre-recorded live shows and shows that we have shot and produced especially for the channel; not to mention some pretty awesome photo sets too.  There’s so much stuff on the website that to tell you about it all would require a blog post of encyclopaedic length; it really does date back years fellas, and over those years we’ve had a lot of porn stars walking through the doors to drop their knickers!

Nice arse

Abbi Goodchild

Speaking of knickers… Have you seen the new Swimming with Porn Stars episode with Friday’s girls Victoria Summers and Abbi Goodchild?  It’s a great little movie and it shows off some lovely underwater camera work, even if we do say so ourselves!  When you see them fiddling with each other’s pussy underwater it adds a whole new dimension.  You’ll be able to watch this when you sign up of course…

Pussy and tits in the pool

Abbi and Victoria in the pool

Babestation X – The best weekends are Babestation weekends…

So how’d you like the girls last night, or is that a silly question?

Here’s what you can expect alongside your filthy threesome tonight with Chloe Lovette, Carley Maliiboo and Aruba Jasmine…

  • Gina’s a dirty talking mechanic.  Gina shows us how dirty she can get as a mechanic. She may be covered in grease but it’s her filthy mouth that really makes us want to give her our fuel injection while she gets our crankshafts working and changes our fluid.
  • Flashing in Public.  Cheeky Ruby Summers sees how much she can get away with in public without getting herself in serious trouble!
  • Black Body Stocking.  Sophie seductively slumps across a white bed in a very naughty black body stocking.
  • BSX Live Show 40 PT2 (2nd chance).  Jasmine Jae
  • BSX Live Show 87 PT2 (2nd chance).  Sapphire Blue, Sienna Day, Victoria Summers
  • Abbi Goodchild Homemade Video – In The Car
  • BSX Live Show 90 PT2 (2nd chance).  Beth, Leigh Darby
Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby getting filthy

Now that’s a night’s entertainment yes?  We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again real soon.  Don’t forget that if you have signed up on a two day trial in order to catch the live shows then you’ll also get access to the website for the duration of your membership.


It’s the weekend and that can mean only one thing from Babestation X… It’s live show time!

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae on Babestation X this Friday

It’s Jasmine Jae and Tamara Grace on the show tonight boys and they’re really up for it.  But you’ll be wanting to know what else to expect right?

  • Premiere – Preeti Young.  One for all you smoking fans out there…..The delightful Preeti shows us how she has got the reputation of being a top cock smoker…..
  • New and Exclusive – Leigh Darby Pornoholic.  Who would have thought it Leigh Darby likes Porn… Watch her in a private moment as she enjoys a little Babestation Hardcore Web action.
  • New and Exclusive – Brookie’s Oil Pool.  Behind the scenes Brookie strips down and oils up in the Babestation Oil Pit.
  • New and Exclusive – Sophie Hart Body Stocking.  Sophie seductively slumps across a white bed in a very naughty black body stocking
  • Second Chance Live Show – Leigh Darby and Sapphire Blue
  • New and Exclusive – Abbi Goodchild.  Abbi & her BF go out for a little drive in this exclusive homemade video.
  • Second Chance Live Show – Sienna Day and Xena

So enjoy your Friday night.  The missus is probably out watching The Dream Boys anyway so you might as well get your kicks!

Remember to watch Carley Maliiboo, Aruba and Chloe Lovette tomorrow night guys!

Babestation X – What the weekend was made for…

We know how you like some inside knowledge, so we’ve got some hot off the press for you…

You all know that some of our girls need to have the energy of an athlete to keep up with each other during their threesome lesbian shows on Babestation X.  It can’t be easy when you’re a porn star faced with not one, but two other hot women to satiate, along with yourself.  Chloe Lovette, Carley Maliiboo and Aruba Jasmine have the problem to face again on Saturday night, and despite the fact that they’ll all be in Nando’s munching down some fried chicken wings before the show, they’re going to struggle for energy!

So what can they do?  Well, it appears that Red Bull alone isn’t providing the edge they need these days.  As the stakes get increasingly higher and the number of shoots and shows increase too, these poor creatures need some sustenance to keep them licking, fucking and sucking all night long.  Here is where you’ll learn a little “trade secret” recently discovered by a couple of Babestation X girls.

Babestation X trade secret

Rimming Sugar

That’s right!  Rimming Sugar!  Just taking the time and consideration to sprinkle a little around your arse before the show helps your co porn star keep going for a little longer.  It’s true!  You just watch where Chloe’s tongue slips to when she’s between Aruba’s legs on Saturday… Those short sugar boosts work absolute wonders for the girls and we have no decided to buy it in bulk.  The cupboards are heaving with the stuff, and it brings a whole new meaning to the term “sweet ass!”

Babestation X – Offering behind the scenes gossip like you’ve never heard before!

The Babestation X weekend is shaping up just nicely!

Friday’s live show

AVN nominated UK porn slut Jasmine Jae will be performing with the inimitable blonde bombshell that is Tamara Grace… Brunette on blonde action in this show and it’s going to be one to remember!  We’re not quite sure what we’re looking forward to the most, what they’re going to wear, watching those big tits come bouncing out or the actual feast of flesh that is sure to happen when Jasmine gets a glance at Tamara’s snatch!

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae on Babestation X this Friday

Tamara Grace tits

Tamara Grace taking on Jasmine on Friday night


Saturday night promises to be pretty damn awesome too as Babestation X present you with yet another threesome spectacular show.  This one has Carley, Aruba and Chloe!  These three have all been on the show before of course, but we can’t wait to see them again in this arrangement to see what beautiful music they’ll make together!  We’re sure it will be a cacophonous symphony of sex!

Threesome lesbian action

Carley Maliiboo on Saturday night Babestation X

Chloe Lovette

Chloe Lovette in a threesome lesbian show

Live lesbian show Saturday

Aruba Jasmine with Chloe and Carley on Saturday

Babestation X – Here is your weekend, now enjoy it!

It’s Emma and Leigh tonight on the live show…

Here’s what else you can expect to see on your Freeview 174 guys…

  • 00.03 – Ruby Summers’ Photoshoot Wank.  Premiere!
  • 00.12 – Beth’s Pole dance / Beth.  Premiere!
  • 00.53 – Beth’s Sexpacking Adventures – Episode Four: The Interview.  Beth and Kate Santoro
  • 02.55 – BSX Live Show 36 PT2.  Second chance live show.  Angel Long, Chloe Lovette.
Emma Butt

Emma Butt is going to get ruined by Leigh Darby tonight!

Don’t forget that tomorrow you get Ruby Summers and the fabulously naughty Preeti getting their tits and fanny out live on screen!  Now’s the time to get your two day trial membership guys and gals!

Babestation X – This is what you’re staying in for!

Burning the candle at both ends takes on a new meaning for Jasmine. A heavy work schedule & too many late nights have taken their toll on poor Jasmine and she passes out in the club. She is discovered by a couple of friendly staff who warn her of the dangers of such behaviour…. Lucky these two aren’t the type to take advantage….. much!

Broadcast dates on BSX Channel 174 Freeview /

Thursday 11th Sept 23:50 & 02:07


Saturday Night on Babestation X…

It’s another great duo guys and you’re going to want to see these two on the same bed that’s for sure.  The amazing Ruby Summers and the always popular Preeti Young.

Big tits

Ruby Summers on Babestation X Saturday night!

They’ve both done Babestation X before of course, but they love doing it together.  Not sure what you can expect from these two, we don’t like to presume, but we’re pretty sure that they’re not going to be able to keep their hands off each other at least most of the time!

Preeti on Babestation X this Saturday night

Preeti Young with Ruby Summers on Saturday night

If you’re not a member of Babestation X yet then it’s a good time to sign up on one of those two day trials tomorrow (Friday 12th) because you’ll get the Leigh Darby and Emma Butt show two; plus of course all the content on our website (which gets bigger and better every day!)

Hopefully we’ll have the full schedules for other shows by tomorrow and I’ll post them up here.

Babestation X – What else you gonna do this weekend?

We know very well that last weekend will go down in the Babestation X annals as one of very special importance, but we’re doing another great show this Friday night…

It’s not another threesome however, this one is more of an intimate affair.  The legendary performers for the show are the one and only Babestation Milf that has everything going for her, including some of the best tits in the business, and the insatiable, unstoppable porn legend Emma Butt, who has equally as much front as the lovely Leigh!

Leigh Darby massive tits

Leigh Darby and Emma Butt on Babestation X this Friday night

These two have been busting to get their hands on each other and Friday night is going to give them that chance.  Stay tuned to the blog for more information about the schedule for the evening and also news about Saturdays live show…

Emma Butt

Emma Butt

Remember that you won’t get the hard stuff between these two on the telly guys, you’ll have to be a member of Babestation X to get that online only.  You can sign up for less than a fiver on Friday and get two days access (which means both live shows!)

Babestation X – Value for money hardcore shows!