welcome back bsx fans, sorry for the longer than anticipated holiday, normal bsx porno shenanigans are now resumed.
Here is a Still from a very recent shoot with the lovely Aruba enjoying her sex slave by the Pool of her lovely country manor house.
The scene will be making its way onto bsx.tv very shortly.


Hi all, Im off on my hols for a couple of weeks so won’t be updating the site until the week of the 27th July
BSX will still be running Live Shows and there is a shedload of new content going up on bsx and babestation sites including new hardcore shoots with Aruba Jasmine.
enjoy the Summer.

Two Solo shows for you this Saturday with Beth and Aruba Jasmine.
I did a nice shoot with Aruba called the Car Mechanic, we had a garage booked where we shot some indoor sex but Aruba, every the exhibitionist, decided she wanted to be pumped over the bonnet and let the neighbours on the industrial estate where it was filmed, get an eyeful. That girl can fuck for England, and as for our stud Luke he kept complaining and stopping because, apparently, Aruba’s pussy is so tight he could barely contain cumming up her tight twat.
It does look rather nice.



The Lovely Leigh Darby and Harmony Reigns this friday will regale you in matters of smutiness.

This will be a ‘full contact’ night, not a solo girl night, thats right, its girl on girl all the way.
So make a note in your diary to spare us a few hours of your precious time.
Leigh and Harmony will make sure you get your money’s worth with plenty of licking
spreading and rimming, all the lovely things a man needs to round off his evening.
see you Friday!



Its Aruba Jasmine doing a solo section and then Lori with solo sections.
have fun!


Two Solo shows tonight with Aruba Jasmine and Lucy Summers.



I’ve had a busy weeks, shooting porn with Candy Sexton, that girl could fuck both football teams in a World Cup final and still score the winning penalty.
She’s up this friday with her luscious friend Naomi, seen in the attached picture, which I shot the other day at her posh manor in the heart of the Kent Countryside, or as she likes to call it the ‘cuntry-side’
Naomi is a sweet thing, she kept dropping hints to me how she ‘hadn’t been fucked in a month’ normally my hunchback puts girls right off but she was a persistent little she-devil, I might splash on a bit of the old Brut for next time.

Next up is a Saturday night spesh the 23rd, we have Preeti and Maddy doing a solo show each.

And to finish up on Sunday night an extra Girl/Girl show starring Beth and Aruba Jasmine, yes, thats right, Beth, she is going to get her laughing gear around Aruba’s wonderful beef curtains, I hope the boys in the studio remember to take some photos of that.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday.






Two solo shows from our two lovelies tonight. I shot two great scenes with Candy this past week she doesn’t hold back, a great addition to the UK’s porn actress lexicon, she won’t disappoint you tonight so make sure you tune in



rounding off the weekend nicely, ultimate Milf Leigh Darby and our fragrant Babestation madam the lovely Beth.



The Bank Holiday weekend is shaping up nicely, Masie Rain and Sapphire Blue to whet your appetite for a Saturday Night