What a cracker of a show tonight, two absolute babes who never disappoint when it comes to ‘showing what they got’  this promises to be a ball draining nut rinsing extravaganza so put that Xbox away tell the lads there won’t be a Dorito and Fifa 2014 game night because you’ve got an appointment with a couple of sluts and you’ll be busy showing your right hand a good time! Bring it!



This Friday 23rd Jan we have Chloe Lovette and Naomi followed by Alyssa Divine and Zara Du Rose on Saturday 24th.

So It looks like you have a pussy licking finger fucking weekend with plenty of juicy beef curtains to look forward to.

Enjoy the Shows.



Woken from my slumber this morning by the incessant buzzing of my phone, upon fumbling for it I see twenty missed calls all from ‘Babestation Headquarters’ oh dear, a voicemail from ‘Number One’ informed me in no uncertain terms that ‘Lori will be appearing on BSX check your email for further details’
So here you have it.
I have photographed Lori many times, the latex/fetish sets I did of her are particular favourites of mine as she really pushed her personal boundaries on that shoot, but enough reminiscing, enjoy the show.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, tonight 16 Jan we have the delectable Hannah Shaw ‘going at it’ with that oh so fragrant Angel Long known for her tasteful and ladylike performances :-)
Tomorrow the 17th we have Masie Raine and your perennial favourite Beth.
Something for everyone, enjoy the shows.

The big bangeroo that I filmed for Xmas with Beth, Jasmin Jae, Leigh Darby, Chessie Kay and Victoria Summers is Live on the BSX and BS site now, if your a member you should see it in the member area or search for ‘Xmas’
Its over One hour long as I recall, and very entertaining, as well as filthy of course.
Here’s a little taster pic of the action.

Hello playmates, Im in the middle of editing an episode of ‘The Sordid Life’ starring Chessie Kay and Victoria summers so I can’t hang around Im afraid, just long enough to tell you who’s on this weekend.

Friday the 9th we have Sapphire Blue and Anal Princess Sam Bentley 

and this saturday the 10th we have a three girl ‘extravaganza’ .. Leigh Derby  / Chloe Lovette/ Victoria Summers 

Enjoy the shows!


Happy New Year from me and a hearty ‘thank you’ to Les who has been tirelessly updating the blog and is now moving on to other pastures leaving me to take the reigns once again. I will be bringing another assistant along soon as there is little time for me between doing photo and video shoots with the girls to find time to stay on top of the blog so I might be late once in a while or away as was the case this past week, so always keep your eyes on the bsx blog twitter feed as I will update that too If I can’t always get to the Site Blog.
So down to business:

Saturday 3rd – Chessie Kay , Tina Kay , Maisie Rain, well, I have never done any shoots with Maisie but hope to rectify that soon so I cannot regale you with tales of pornographic depravity to that end, Chessie and Tina, well, I could write a book about those two as a recent shoot with them at a well known central london residence will testify, the said location was famous for an Oscar winning film about a stammering posh regal twat who wanted to be a Grime DJ….or something like that…

It was supposed to be a simple girl girl three way, we had been granted access to the Master Bedroom, bedecked as it was in the finest hand made silks and satins from across Persia and Arabia, the antique furniture and bed dating from the 18th century and worth in the Millions….joined by Victoria Summers the three girls got down to it on the magnificent antique bed, what could be more beautiful I thought, three of UK Porn’s most fragrant ladies devouring and fisting one another, however I did not count for the veracity of Tina Kay desire for watersports, and without giving me any warning she proceeded to spray Chessie and Victoria at point blank range with a cascade that I can only compare to Niagra Falls after a particularly heavy downpour.

Furniture, floorboards, bed linen, mattress, soft furnishings, all blasted by Tina’s tsunami of piss.
Well, not one to let a ‘golden moment’ pass by, I filmed it all not sparing a thought of how I was going to explain it to the proprietor who was already showing Producers around the house who were scoping it for use in a possible Harry Potter spin off.

My penance was staying behind for two hours after the shoot to clean and wipe everything down, the owner tells me that despite having professional cleaners in he is not able to get rid of the ‘bitter aroma’ in the room. Oh Dear.
Its a shame that a recent change in the Law means that footage cannot see the light of day now, but keep your eyes peeled, It might pop up on a tube site :-)
In the meantime, enjoy the show and lets hope Tina manages to ‘keep a cork in it’ as I dont think the studio is Flood protected.


As Frank would say… “It was a very good year…”

We’re glad you’ve all supported the show and we hope to give you much more in 2015.  Plans are always on the go at the Babestation studios and we know you’re going to love what we have coming your way.

Beth, Xena and Tasha

Filthy girls

Happy New Year 2015

We’ve seen many new girls this year, we’ve seen the Daytime ones turn to Night girls and we’ve seen those we would never expect to get filthy, get very filthy indeed!  There’s no telling with these babes!

So… Happy New Year from Babestation X

Babestation X is here to give you a post-Christmas hard on like you’ve never had before…

Santa has spent his time emptying his massive sack, now it’s your turn to do the same!  Leigh Darby and Beth are ready to give you a show that’s likely to have you drained and dehydrated by the end of it tonight.  You already know just how much these two love performing with each other of course, so it will come as no surprise when we tell you that the anticipation approaching this evening’s entertainment is nothing short of palpable…



Babestation X – Presenting Leigh Darby and Beth!