yes folks, its a full house and as much as BSX would like to announce the signing of Jeremy Clarkson to present the show we are going to have to disappoint you on that score, as a consolation perhaps you could have a pleasant night passing time with these lovely and very accommodating ladies, while we relax knowing our producer won’t get punched out for not laying on some Pret a manger sandwiches.





Its Uniform night so expect a plethora of kinky outfits from our resident porn vixens Leigh Darby and Sienna Day.
Oh yes, there will probably be some pussy licking and fingering and maybe a bit of rimming but its the uniforms we care about, right?



Happy Easter friends,
didn’t it come around quickly, one minute your recovering from your post new year’s eve piss up the next your dear old mum is knocking at your door with your Caramac easter egg while your dad whispers ‘got any good porn son?’

Nothing like Easter to bring back memories of childhood, that lovely long three week holiday from school, stuffing your face with tons of chocolate eggs, racing round the streets with your mates on your raleigh chopper giving ‘backies’ to the girl you fancied, the clocks have gone forward giving you that extra hour to play war with your cap gun at the local park.

Look at us now,decades later, sitting back looking at pictures of Candy Sexton thinking ‘they didn’t look like that when I was a kid’ nope, they sure didn’t.

I have read you can tell a lot by a woman’s smile, they have this retinue of various smiles each one carrying a subtle message such as ‘you’re cute’ or ‘buy me a drink’ or ‘I want to snog you’

But Candy has a smile I haven’t quite seen before, its almost like she’s saying ‘I can suck the cum out of your balls with a straw’
and she looks so damn hot you might just let her try.

The lovely lady is doing her first ever Live Show on BSX tonight so after you have stuffed your face with that delicious Caramac easter egg come and Join Candy and if she does want to suck the cum out of your balls with a straw be a dear and let her.



Its a girl on girl spesh tonight with Tina Kay getting it on with Victoria Summers.
As soon as England finish up with Lithuania you can celebrate with Lithuania’s finest other.
If they put her in the midfield dressed like this it would be goals all the way.


Preeti, Lucy Summers, Jada and Maddy all star in this naughty knickers off LIVE sex show line up.





Its a ‘Full House’ tonight, we’re feeling a bit generous so its a four girl special
Maddy, Lori, Preeti and our favourite Milf Leigh Darby. I might tune in and bang one out myself to that lineup.





Here is one lady who never disappoints, the lovely Preeti, catch her tonight on BSX.


Its MILF night on BSX.  Our two hot british milfs Leigh Darby and Tia Layne will see to your aching nut sacks.


Leigh_Darby tia

Its a three ways spesh tonight, newbie Sapphire Blue, who will appeal to those of you who like their girls ‘natural’ along with porn mistral Chessie Kay and of course the ever lovely Beth.

have fun!




So this Friday we have Tasha Holz, who is proving very popular now she has decided to ‘take cock’ as Im sure many of you are already aware, she really is a star in the making.
We have teamed her up with the delightful Maisie Raine, it promises to be night of depravity so dont miss it.
Your host for the evening will be our resident blonde sex panther the ever lovely Sophie Hart who will be taking over the 23.30hrs section.
see you then Gentlemen.