Chessie Kay and Chloe Lovette prepare to do lesbian live show battle!

And here’s how the rest of the night is going so far:

  • Premiere. 00.03. BSX Cam Girls – Sienna Time Episode Two: Fuck Buddy.  Naughty Sienna has invited her favourite fuck buddy Marc Rose to lend her a hand (and much much more) filming her BSX Cam Show… And just like any good friend would, Marc obliges by smashing the absolute granny out of her.
  • New and Exclusive. 00.55. Swimming With Porn Stars Vol 2. Abbi Goodchild, Victoria Summers. Check out episode 2 of our ground breaking, or should that be water breaking, series featuring Abbi Goodchild & Victoria Summers. These girls can’t get wet quickly enough as they splash each other to a sexual frenzy. See these girls form the unique perspective of our fully submersible camera. Underwater porn has arrived!
  • 2nd Chance Live Show. 02.32. Carla Cox, Angel Long
  • 2nd Chance Live Show.  03.22. Kate Santoro, Leigh Darby
  • 2nd Chance Live Show. 04.17. Beth, Xena

Chloe Lovette tonight on BSX

Chessie tits

Chessie Kay

So there you have it… Live lesbian show all night, and loads more besides.  If you’re not a member then get your ass over to BSX.TV and sign up.  You can get cheaper trial memberships if you’re not sure yet.

Babestation X – Bringing you the best of course!

Here’s your schedule for tonight’s show…

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers on Babestation X tonight

You all know it’s Ruby Summers keeping you company this Halloween on Babestation X.  Along with Ruby we have a whole host of other great stuff to keep you glued to your screens:

  • Premiere. Sami J: Mirror Play.  BSX MILF Sami J knows that the best way to start the day is with a big old w**k and guess which lucky beggar gets front row seats?! You can’t say we ain’t good to you…
  • New and Exclusive.  To the Manor Porn.  Sienna Day, Ryan Ryder             .  Sexy Sienna Day is enjoying an afternoon in the hot tub dressed in a tiny bikini soaking up the sun when she catches the gardener spying on her. She likes whats she sees and decides to strip him and seduce him and have him in the hot tub !!!
  • 2nd Chance live show.  Preeti Young
  • 2nd Chance live show.  Angel Long, Chloe Lovette.

Luckily this is all on when those dreadful little trick or treaters have buggered off home and gone to bed!  Enjoy your evening guys and gals…

Babestation X – Happy Halloween!

Friday night’s Live Show with Ruby…

Ruby Summers tits

Ruby Summers live show on Halloween

Ruby Summers is fast becoming an babe channel icon and we’re celebrating the fact with a fantastic live solo show this Halloween!  Goodness only knows what she’ll wear for the show, but we’re hoping it’s something suitably fancy dress (not that it’ll stay on of course!)

If you’re a true Ruby fan, it may interest you to know that on the Babestation X website we have some exclusive content.  How about three more live show recordings featuring the fantastic Ruby?  One of her live shows sees her taking full advantage of a bottle of baby oil and a paddling pool; we’ll let you work that out!


Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers with the oil!

You can also follow the inimitable Ruby on Twitter, where you’ll be privy to her all other shoots that she does here and there and also find out where you’ll be able to catch her, whether she’s appearing on Babestation X or Babestation Nights and at what time.

We hope you enjoy the show!



Babestation X – Presenting Ruby Summers live Halloween show!

It’s Cosplay time…

It’s that time of year again when all the girls are allowed to wear their stockings on show and paint their faces like witches.  No we’re not in Newcastle on a Saturday night in the middle of winter, Halloween is upon us once more!  We thought it would be a nice time, not to scare you, but to thrill you with a bit of cosplay from some of our naughtiest girlies…

Lara Croft porn

Cali Garcia as Lara Croft

Personally I like to see the girls looking a little scarier, but who am I to complain about seeing one of our babes wearing a Lara Croft outfit?  Who the hell hasn’t dreamt of fucking Croft?  Hell I remember jerking off to the very first Tomb Raider PlayStation Game for Christ’s sake!  I don’t share that with everyone you know.  I’m sure some of you can sympathise of course.  If you managed to position Lara in a certain way you could get a great view of her ass and her massively out of proportion tits!  And, tell me, was there ever a secret cheat to get her running around naked, because I never found it?


Jada in costume. See the videos on BSX.TV

Jada as Jessica Rabbit

Jada Rabbit!

Who will admit to shaking hands with the one-eyed milkman whilst watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Not many of you I bet!  However, that Jessica Rabbit was arguably the second time I’ve had a stiffy over a cartoon character (the first of course being Scooby Doo’s Daphne!).  Seeing Dirty Jada dressed up in a Jessica Rabbit costume has to be the Halloween treat of the year and it brings back so many memories!

Lori Buckby

Lori Buckby Cosplay

Lori Buckby as a Ghostbuster is just ridiculous, not because she doesn’t look good, but could you imagine those busters getting anything done at all with her in that old firehouse?  Bending her over the desk yes, sliming her yes!  On BSX.TV you can see these sexy, cosplay babes on video too.  They’re in the member’s area, but if you’re planning on a weekend of live shows anyway, sign up for a two day membership on Friday night and get the whole costume package!

Dirty Jada

Jessica Rabbit on Babestation?

So, get yourself out for a pint at least to the local at the weekend (in between our live shows of course!) and check out the saucy costumes!  If you dress up yourself and don’t give away your identity you might even get away with grabbing a few arses you horny fuckers!

Babestation X – More than just live shows!

You’re Saturday night schedule for Babestation X…

Threesome lesbian action

Carley Maliiboo on Saturday night Babestation X

It’s Maisie Rain, Carley Maliiboo and Naomi will be entertaining you tonight on the live show of course, but this is what else we have in store for you.

  • 00.04.  Lori Buckby: Army Chick.  It’s reassuring to know that in these unstable times, Lori’s here to protect us from the international forces of evil. After seeing this display, I can’t see why anyone would want to fight again! Finally, world peace, and all it took was a cheeky smile and a perfect pair of perky tits.
  • 00.12.  Lori Buckby: Lets Get Naked.  I always thought clothes were over-rated, and it looks like Lori agrees. I mean, when you’ve got a slammin’ body like miss Buckby, you’ve just gotta get in touch with nature and embrace the nudity!
  • 00.54.  Maddie’s a dirty talking mechanic.  You will be amazed at quite how filthy sweet looking Maddie is as she talks us through one of her favorite scenarios. Suffice to say it involves plenty of lube and an interest in backdoor mechanics.
  • 02.31.  Second Chance Live show.  Aruba and Chessie
  • 03.26.  Second Chance Live show.  Kate Santoro and Leigh Darby

Babestation X

Here’s your schedule for Friday Night…

Sadly I don’t have the times again (sorry!), I’ll get onto those who share this information with me.

  • Premiere.  Abbi Goodchild POV Strip.
  • New and Exclusive.  Sienna Day.  Sienna Day has her own webcam series!! This blonde BSX babe loves showing off for her fans and has set up a cam in her room for you to enjoy! Let her make all of your fantasies come to life, or just sit back and watch the action unfold.
  • 2nd Chance Live Show.  Ruby Summers and Preeti Young.
  • 2nd Chance Live Show.  Kate Santoro and Leigh Darby.

Looks pretty good so far guys!  And don’t forget that it’s Beth with the porn star Tina Kay tonight live!  These two really will go to town…

Porn slut Tina Kay

Tina Kay on Babestation X tonight!

Babestation X – Enjoy your Friday night fellas!

Oh what a weekend!

Babestation X is very proud to announce yet another fantastic weekend ahead of live shows…

Friday Night:

  • Tina Kay
  • Beth

WOW!  I love these two women and I for one will be staying in to watch them getting it on.  Tina Kay is fast becoming a porn legend and to see her perform with one of my favourite Babestation girls is going to be something only dreams are made of.  Beth and Tina live on Friday night – Don’t miss it.

Beth on Babestation X Friday

Beth from Babestation getting all oiled up!

Follow Tina Kay on Twitter

Follow Beth on Twitter

Saturday Night:

  • Maise Rain
  • Carley Maliiboo
  • Naomi


Another threesome special on the live show this Saturday with three of the filthiest creatures you could ever dream to meet at the end of a drunken Saturday night in a night club.  Naomi is relatively new to Babestation so she’s sure going to make an impression on you guys; and of course on the other two babes she’ll be playing with!

Babestation X – Another blinding weekend of lesbian live show filth

Aruba and Tasha Holz tonight on Babestation X, but here’s what tomorrow has in store…

You’ll know by now that Jada is putting on another solo show tomorrow night (Saturday 18th) and for any of you who have ever seen her before you’ll know just how much energy and enthusiasm she puts into it.  This will certainly be worth a watch and Jada is very hot!


Even more acrobatics from Jada!

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow night too:

  • 00.03. Premiere.  Preeti Foot Fetish.  Preeti talks us through what she wants us to do to her sexy feet in this toe curling sexy vid. She can do a lot more with them than you’d think.
  • 00.54. New and Exclusive.  Nurse Preeti POV.  Nurse Preeti is on hand to give you a very personal physical examination. I guess it’s only fair that she lets you examine her fine physique too!
  • 02.31. 2nd chance live show.  Emma Butt.
  • 03.25. 2nd chance live show.  Abbi Goodchild, Karlie Simon.
  • 04.02. 2nd chance live show. Kaitlyn Laken.

Babestation X – This is what you need on a Saturday night!

Friday night on Babestation X…

It’s one of those days when you feel glad to be alive, if only because of what’s going to happen at the weekend!  Just the thought of this weekend on Babestation X ought really to give you a hard on the size of Nebraska.  It goes something like this…

  • Friday night – Aruba Jasmine and Tasha Holz in a live lesbian spectacular
  • Saturday night – The return of the inimitable and highly flexible Dirty Jada doing a solo show
Big boobs Aruba Jasmine

Aruba has a perfect ass


Aruba Jasmine on Friday Night with Tasha Holz

So get your tickets boys and make sure you call at your Tesco local for some tissues (and perhaps some lotion if that’s what you feel like).  These girls are going to take you to heaven and back again; and then they’ll do it all over again!

Massive tits

Tasha with her lovely big tits

Here’s the schedule for Friday’s show (sorry, they didn’t tell me the approx. times):

  • Premiere.  Beth’s Sexpacking Adventures – Episode Three: The Picnic.  Beth goes for a little hike but soon gets lost. Fortunately she finds Alyssa & Sienna who are more than happy to lend her a helping hand and then finger and then tongue. Soon Beth has forgotten all about being lost and is happy to give her new friends a taste of sexpacking.
  • New and Exclusive.  The Sordid Life: Chessie & Victoria: Episode One – Ménage a Gimp.      Chessie Kay & Victoria Summers have a very specific kind of lifestyle. Partners between the sheets & partners in deviance when it comes to perverted sins of the flesh. They spend their days coming up with new and twisted ways to feed their wanton sexual urges. This week Victoria lines up a special surprise for Chessie. Whatever it is you know it’s going to be filthy.
  • 2nd Chance Live Show.  Victoria Summers, Candi Coxxx
  • 2nd Chance Live Show.  Leigh Darby, Sami J, Ava Koxxx

So that’s your lot for this weekend… We’re sure it’s enough for any man out there!

Tasha Holz

Tasha Holz

Babestation X – Always fucking horny!

Swimming with Porn Stars tonight!

Tonight is another chance to see Abbi Goodchild and Victoria Summers in a rather excellent movie on Freeview 174.  It’s well worth watching these two getting it on with each other


Click to play

So you know what you’re watching tonight on Freeview right?  Channel 174!

Babestation X – Move pussy for your pound!