Kate Santoro

“…sometimes I need reminding I have a vagina…”

Age: 23

Dress size: 10

Height: 5’6″

Boobs: 34E


Kate is an Essex girl through and through.  Despite having a number of years in Stoke on Trent, this is where she came from and this is where she currently resides.  Our Kate isn’t your usual Essex girl however.  She likes to keep fit of course, just like most girls these days, but she’s more into the weightlifting side of things where that’s concerned.  She also loves to watch football, drink Budweiser, and gamble; she tells us: “sometimes I need reminding I have a vagina to be honest.”

Kate is not a woman without her dreams you know. It’s not all about getting filthy on the screen (although this is a massive part of her life), she also wants to own and run a farm!  Perhaps there’s a few ideas here for a new photo-shoot?

Kate began her career at Babestation during a girl on girl show with the very talented Elicia Solis.  Our casting director was so impressed that we took her on immediately (we know talent when we see it!)  At the moment Kate works primarily on Babestation Unleashed, doing the really dirty stuff all day long, but she does do webcams occasionally too.  Her future plans in the adult industry include appearing in more “gentlemen’s” publications and to do more porn; for which she is currently fine tuning her body in the gym!

Kate Santoro playing with her pussy

Kate Santoro the filthy fucker

Sex and the Ideal Man

Kate loves a man who can make her laugh.  They have to be confident, a bit cheeky and love filthy sex apparently.  She’s a big fan of having her arse played with too we’re told, but it’s not the only thing she enjoys:

“I love having my arse cheeks and hole played with… blow jobs are certainly my favourite though, just the thought of a nice hard cock stuffed in my mouth makes me horny…”

Top Tips

If you want to impress the lovely Kate Santoro then you’ll need to be one of those callers who know what they want. However, having said that, Kate loves to express her dominant and submissive sides equally and says that she hasn’t really settled on a favourite type of caller just yet; she says “as long as I cause them to make a mess everywhere, I don’t mind…”

Babestation X – Getting to know the girls…


Chessie and Aruba!

Arguably two of the horniest girls to appear on Babestation X!  Aruba and Chessie are ready to go at it once again on the live show.  When these two do battle you’re pants are going to quite literally explode.


Aruba and Chessie Kay

Remember to check into the live show on Freeview 174 or logon to it online at BSX.TV

Babestation X

It’s Dirty Jada time!

Yes that’s right… We’ve got another live show with the inimitable Jada.  Jada has been part of the Babestation team for longer than I care to remember and she’s always performed to her full potential.  These days she could take the top off your beer bottle with those tight little ass cheeks, probably whilst doing the splits!



Catch her tonight on Freeview and enjoy yourselves fellas, you know you want to!

Babestation X – Where the best live shows are seen!

Yep, you read that right, Caty and Mica, thats together, tomorrow night on BSX. Now as far as I know they haven’t done a show together before so this promises to be a fun night. Obviously its Caty and Mica so dont go expecting any anal fisting or moaning on the forums that the shetland pony had a blindfold on and you were ripped off.
This is two Babestation ‘treasures’ and they are sure to entertain and stimulate you and we are putting it on for eight squids thats right £8! thats less than a champion league game on Sky and Jurgen Klopp won’t get his knob out for that so buckle up and settle down for a wonderful night with our fragrant angels Caty and Mica!


Thats right, tonight Nov 25 Hannah will be gracing your BSX screens on Freeview, apologies to S66 for half inching a picture of her from their site, I hope thats taken in good faith.
If It comes off well, hopefully there’ll be more nights like this.

oh, erm, quick, make a note of this before it gets pulled, Studio66 has ram raided Babestation and is taking over their Freeview BSX channel for a One Night Special, more to follow …..

So Friday is on the way again and this is what we have for you…

Tasha Holz and Sienna Day!  That’s got to put a few midweek smiles and a few faces right?  Well, I should bloody well hope so.  As a member of Babestation X you’re in for a show and half with these two saucy little fuckers playing with each other all night!

Tasha Holz

Tasha Holz

Sienna Day

Sienna Day on Babestation X

You can of course follow the girls on Twitter if you’d like:

Tasha Holz Twitter

Sienna Day Twitter

This is always good if you like to feel the anticipation before the show.   You just know that these two will be tweeting about it.  Ask them a few questions and see what they say about the show.  Personally I’d like to know what they plan to wear (albeit briefly of course!)

Babestation X – Great Friday night live shows every week!

Alright guys, here it is… Arguably the show of the week…

I’m pretty sure every one of you guys out there has fantasised about doing something incredibly bad with Ruby Summers or Preeti Young before, but what about the two of them together?  Tonight is your chance to direct the action in their very own live show…

Live show on Babestation X

Ruby Summers and Preeti Young

Ruby Summers and Preeti Young

Ruby Summers and Preeti Young

So get yourselves a ringside seat on Freeview 174 and watch it early online at BSX.TV to get the most out of your evening’s entertainment.  There really isn’t any point in going out, getting wet and spending more than you want to on chasing women you’d rather not!

Get your kicks on Babestation X tonight!

Another threesome spectacular for you tonight on Babestation X…



When you’ve got Beth and Carley Maliiboo ready to play with each other live on screen you need another girls who is equally, if not more filthy to join them.  This girl is the one and only Hannah Shaw who is making a welcome return to the Babestation X studio in order to get you guys off all night!

Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw

There’s plenty of content featuring the gorgeous Hannah Shaw on the website by the way if you’re a big fan, and of course you will be able to see her previous BSX and Unleashed shows on there too!

Carley Maliiboo

Carley Maliiboo

Babestation X – Keeping the men folk happy all weekend!

OK, so Carley Maliiboo and Victoria Summers tonight, but here’s what you got tomorrow…

It’s the fabulous Alyssa Divine and Naomi for your Saturday night’s entertainment guys…

Lesbian show

Alyssa Divine this Saturday

Remember you can watch online as well!

Have a great weekend

Babestation X