Welcome to August guys… Where is the time going!?

Alright, here’s how it looks for Friday night on Babestation X:

  • 00.03 Premiere tonight – Sami J and Leigh Darby get up close and personal in the hot tub and chat about their mutual love for cock, pussy and everything debauched and filthy.
  • 00.12 New and Exclusive – Brookie Little in the oil pit! Brookie shows you just why she’s widely considered as one of the best “oily” babes on Babestation X.  Totally naked, playing with her massive tits all covered in oil.
  • 00.55 New and Exclusive – Jasmine Jae shows you just how she relieves her stress at the end of a hard day.  You wouldn’t think a porn star with this much energy would have anything left at the end of the day, but when you watch Jasmine playing with her pussy and getting off, all dressed up in kinky lingerie, you’ll begin to see why a woman like this couldn’t possibly walk past a mirror without wanting to masturbate!
  • 02.49 Second chance show – A second chance to see Daisy Dash’s live show performance on Babestation X.  This was one hell of a show and Daisy really knows how to play with herself and truly enjoy it!
Kate Santoro playing with her pussy

Kate Santoro the filthy fucker

The Live Show

Let’s not forget just how juicy the live show is going to be!  With new girl Maisie Rain getting her lips wrapped around Beth’s lovely big tits and Kate Santoro working wonders with her fingers and tongue, it’s likely to be something you’re not going to want to miss.  Anyone remember Beth’s first time with the Strap-on the other night with Chloe Lovette?  Let’s hope she’s take to this sex toy with a passion and it comes out of the BSX closet for another show (after a nice soak in soapy water of course!)

Babestation X – Have a great night guys, we know we will!


Friday is shaping up to be just as good as Thursday’s live show with Brookie and Ruby…

It’s new girl time guys!  This one is going to melt your heart and stiffen your old chap like you wouldn’t believe.  Her name is Maisie Rain and she’s a girl-girl level porn star/pole dancer.

Maisie, Beth and Kate on BSX

New girl Maisie Rain will be performing on Friday’s live show with Beth and Kate Santoro

Maisie isn’t going it alone however, she will be performing with the wonderfully talented and increasingly more addicted to BSX, Beth and Kate Santoro.  So it’s a threesome basically, and we know how popular the threesome was the other night when Beth decided she wanted to try out using a strap-on dildo for the first time!  WOW!  Let’s hope she’s had lots more practice and we see this tool in action with Kate and Maisie.

Friday BSX

Kate Santoro is looking forward to playing with the other girls on Friday night

The show is on Friday 1st August remember, so don’t miss it.  If you go along and get yourself a two day membership on Thursday you’ll get to see Brookie and Ruby in a live show that night and then this lovely little threesome of pert young tits on Friday!  Not sure how much more you’ll be able to handle than that, but they’ll be even more on Saturday to go at guys… Watch this space!


Beth getting oiled up

Babestation X – Bringing you the new blood!

See the month of July out in style this Thursday with two of Babestation’s favourites!

Ruby Summers and Brookie Little will be your babes for this very spectacular live show.  We figured as we’re approaching the height of summer we’d better start the weekend early with the good stuff!  You all know how much these two love the live shows, so let’s hope they’re not too hot to get the baby oil out and give us a show to remember!

Brookie Little oily tits

Brookie Little

Tune into the show on BSX.TV from the very beginning and you won’t be disappointed.  You know the drill by now, but if you’re not a member of Babestation X, simply go along to the sign up page on Thursday and get yourself a two day trial membership for a fiver and you’ll get Friday’s live show too!  Plus of course all the content on our website, that includes the previous shows Ruby and Brookie have done solo too.

Ruby Summer

Ruby Summers with the oil!

Babestation X – Don’t miss it: Thursday 31st July!

Don’t even begin to start telling us about last night!

Things happened man!  Things happened… But not least important of them was this.

Threesome sex on BSX

Beth fucking Chloe Lovette

Lesbian threesome

Strap on dildo sex with Chloe Lovette, Beth and Victoria Summers

Yes, that’s right, Beth fucking Chloe Lovette with a strap-on dildo.  And boy oh boy did Chloe “love it!”  Apparently the strap-on was a first for Beth!  Imagine using a strap-on for the first time on Babestation X… Didn’t she do well!

With Beth, Victoria Summers and Chloe Lovette fucking and licking each other we’re sure you had a great night.  And you know how the saying goes of course: why have one when you can have three girls!  That’s our saying anyway.

Go on then… Tell us what you thought about last night

Babestation X – We’ve got girls in reserve!

Tonight is the night with Chessie and Aruba, but if you’re up for a weekend of live girls we’ve got the lovely Lacey…

Lacey is back as fresh as a daisy and looking better than ever!  She’s doing the solo show on Babestation X this Saturday to mark her return from a bit of a break and we’re really looking forward to it.

Lacey on Babestation X Saturday

Lacey Lorenzo is back!

Most of you will remember Lacey Lorenzo (she’s hard to forget), but if you’re a newcomer to Babestation here’s a little info for you.

This Bromley babe loves to shop more than anything else, and the last time we chatted with her she confessed to being a shopaholic!  When she’s not shopping she’s in the gym, dancing or working at getting herself into the music business in some way or other.  With a face and body like this we doubt that she’ll have any problems being a big star!  Lacey likes to keep it kinky in the bedroom and loves to dress up for sex.  She’s also into big muscly guys with massive cocks by the way!  Her words there, not mine!

Huge tits

Lacey Lorenzo and her massive tits!

So if you want to see this foul mouthed, big boobed young starlet getting her knickers off and playing with her cute little pussy, all you need to do is tune in on Saturday night 22.00.  We have a feeling that Lacey is going to be very busy indeed!  There’s also a load of content on the website for Lacey if you sign up as a member.


Lacey on Babestation X

Babestation X – The Return of Lacey Lorenzo!

Some great live shows on the way from Babestation X.  Here’s what you got this weekend guys!


Unleashed Aruba on Babestation X this Friday with Jasmine Jae and Chessie Kay

On Friday night they’ll be another lesbian duo special.  We knew it wouldn’t be long before we got Aruba to get even more involved with Chessie Kay and we are stoked about it.  Aruba is essentially an Unleashed girl, but we’re guessing that being around all that Unleashed pussy all day has driven her over the edge; now she has to get her tongue around it!

Lesbian live show

Aruba and Chessie Kay

You can catch Chessie and Aruba on Unleashed often, but it’s going to be a rare chance to see them performing together on Babestation X.  When these two start playing with each other it’s going to be pretty hard to separate them!

Show starts at the usual time of course – 22.00 – on Friday night.  If you’re not a member of Babestation X then we urge you to sort this out as soon as you can.  If you’d like to just try out the live shows however, you might want to get yourself a two day trial membership on Friday night before the show and you’ll automatically get access to the Saturday night show and all the content on our website!

Saturday night!

Lacey Lorenzo

Anyone remember Lacey Lorenzo like this?

Saturday night sees the return of a young star that quickly became a legend at Babestation.  The one and only Lacey Lorenzo will be returning to us after a six month break!  We are certain that the lovely Lacey will be very excited about getting those massive tits out again; those poor things have been away from the public eye for too long girl!

Babestation X – Bringing you all the good news, just when you need it!

If you’ve been staying tuned you’ll already know about this weekend, but we thought we’d share the rest of the evening’s entertainment with you on Babestation X…

Live lesbian porn show

BSX Live tonight with Sienna Day, Jasmine Jae and Tina Kay

So Jasmine Jae, Sienna Day and Tina Kay are performing their lesbian porn star threesome show tonight from 22.00.  They’ll be on and off all night of course (these three of stamina!) and you can bet that each time they reappear they’ll be gagging for each other again!

Lesbian porn

Jasmine Jae and Tina Kay

In between these filthy fuckers you’ll get a chance to watch the recording we have of Brookie Little getting oiled up in the oil pit.  If you haven’t seen this yet then it simply has to be on your schedule for tonight.  This will be showing at 23.50 and 03.30.

Brookie Little oily tits

Brookie Little recorded performance on tonight

And for those of you with a bit more stamina than the rest, or for those of you who’ve drank so much on your night out that you just can’t seem to make the old chap sick, you can watch a repeat performance from Cathy Heaven and Sami J at 03.00!

The perfect evening in if you ask me!

Les. X

Babestation X – Everything you need for a fun filled Friday!


This truly is a fantastic opportunity to see two of Babestation’s finest with their knickers off on the same bed!

Preeti Young and Ruby Summers have decided to perform alongside each other for a very special BSX live show this Saturday night 19th July and if you’re a member you’re already halfway there.  If you’re not a member you need to sign yourself up for a two day trial to the website for less than a fiver.  Remember that if you sign up on Friday you’ll get the threesome show with Jasmine, Sienna and Tina too!

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers with the oil!

We all know that Preeti and Ruby can perform wonderful solo shows, they’ve proved it to us before on Babestation X, but now they get to show us what they can do together.  Wondering exactly what they’ll do with each other?  Well, to be perfectly honest, so are we!  We’re not going to promise you anything of course, that wouldn’t be fair, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be a lot of interaction, stroking and touching etc.  After all, the two of them are sharing the same phone!

Preeti on Babestation X this Saturday night

Preeti Young with Ruby Summers on Saturday night

Of course if you like the live shows and you like these girls you can always check their solo performances out on the website before the show on Saturday to get yourself well and truly worked up.  Sign up on Friday night, enjoy the threesome show and then have yourself a little pre-match action during the day on Saturday with the live show recordings before the main event!  Just an idea…

Les. x

Babestation X – If we ain’t got them they’re not worth seeing!

Threesome time again…

Are you ready for the line up?  Brace yourself:

If you click the individual girl you’ll go to their Twitter page where you can indulge in all the naughtiness they’ve got going on.

Sienna Day

Sienna Day on Babestation X this Friday night

How would you like to get in between these three babes?  We doubt very much that you’d even get a look in however.  Believe us when we say that these girls are going to be so into each other they might actually forget why they’re here.  A writhing mass of gorgeous flesh.  You won’t be able to tell who is licking whose pussy and there will quite literally be tits everywhere.  Of course you wouldn’t expect anything else from Babestation X would you?

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae

Show starts at 22.00 on Friday and you really don’t want to be late for this one.  Also, I know that I bang on about it all the time (salesy things and that…) but you really might want to take advantage of the two day trial membership if you’re not already one of us.  This is simply because on Saturday you’ll also get to see two of Babestation’s hottest properties playing together: Preeti Young and Ruby Summers!

Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Porn Star

That’s right guys, these two gorgeous A listers will be storming your screen on Saturday night, making the weekend one to remember.  One phone, lots of touching and fiddling going on here fellas, so let your sexual fantasies involving these two go and tell them all about it.  You’ve got until the weekend to indulge your imagination in preparation for the show.

Babestation X – The weekend is always special with us!

So here she is pictured with the “Money Maker”… For those of you who don’t get that, it’s what the lovely Paige Turnah calls her arse!  Wouldn’t it be good to see these two performing together on the live show?

Emma Butt

Emma Butt and Paige Turnah

Well it’s just Emma’s Butt on Saturday, but that should be more than enough to keep you all entertained.  You must have spent many a night dreaming about climbing aboard that fine piece of ass, and we know Emma would want it that way; she really gets off on making you lot happy (anyone who has ever called her will know this to be true!)

Emma Butt

Emma Butt on Babestation X Saturday 12th July

Emma’s solo show will kick off at 22.00 as usual and you’ll be able to watch it online if you’re a member.  If you’re not a member then you really should be.  You can sign up on a two day trial membership package for less than a fiver, and in my professional and personal opinion that’s money well spent.  What can you get for a fiver these days anyway?  That’s a pint in London!  So sign up tomorrow night and you’ll also get the live lesbian show with Victoria Summers and Candi Coxx, along with all our website content.  Can’t say fairer than that right?

Check out our Babestation X promo video…

Babestation X – Bringing you Emma Butt’s live show on Saturday 12th July