A surprise for you all tonight on the live show!

Joining Beth and the inimitable Alyssa Divine to make the show a threesome spectacular we have the lovely Chessie Kay.

Chessie Kay

Chessie Kay on Babestation X tonight

It’s hard to keep a girl like Chessie away when there’s some lesbian action going on in the studio, indeed when there is any action in the studio.  She’s like a blood hound or something, as soon as she gets a whiff of some threesome action she’s scratching at the doors with her heels on demanding to get in and have a piece of the action!  Once we found her in the cupboard underneath the stairs just salivating and playing with herself, waiting for the next set of porn stars to walk through the door so she could pounce on them!

So tune in tonight and don’t miss this frenzied, lesbian threesome.  From 22.00 only on Babestation X!

A great night planned on Babestation X as we’re sure you’re all aware.  Here’s the schedule…

Live show with Ruby Summers!

Big tits

Ruby Summers on Babestation X tonight!

  • 00.03 – Aruba’s oil show… New girl Aruba is hot stuff and isn’t afraid to show it off her teeny-tiny purple outfit. Bust out the baby oil and get those boobs bouncing!
  • 00.53 – New and Exclusive! Leigh Darby is a Spa Milf… Leigh gets all hot wet & soapy in the shower
  • 02.54 – Sapphire Blue, Seinna Day, Victoria Summers… Second chance showing of this live show

It’s going to be a great night with Ruby appearing… Let’s hope she has the oil at the ready!

Babestation X – Just what you need to start the weekend…

More great news about the weekend on Babestation X

So you know that Friday belongs to the delectable Ruby Summers, but Saturday belongs to Alyssa Divine and Beth!  Two red hot extreme babes who can’t wait to get their hands on each other…

Alyssa Divine

Alyssa Divine

We’ve seen Beth with some of the other girls on Babestation X, but unless I’m very much mistaken I do believe this is her first time with the very filthy Alyssa Divine.  I do hope the strap-on comes out to play again, Beth really enjoyed playing with that on her show with Chloe Lovette!


Beth getting oiled up

So here’s to another great show!

Babestation X – The best live lesbian shows online!

Alright all you Ruby Summers fans, tell us what you want…

The delectable, inimitable Ruby Summers will be in the studio again this Friday night for her solo Babestation X show and she’s very excited!  All kicks off at the usual time (we’re sure you know the score by now) and you can expect a show of some magnificence for the rest of the evening too.


Ruby Summers

Ruby and her oil!

Since we have a lot of time between now and Friday, why not tell us what you’d like to see Ruby doing, or what you’d like to see her wearing perhaps?  Or not wearing as the case may be.  Fancy some more oil?  Fancy a sexy uniform or a particular style of panties?  Tell us and we’re sure Ruby will see what you’ve got to say.

Alternatively, follow Ruby Summers on Twitter and message her yourself.

Babestation X – Ruby Summers this Friday night!

If you didn’t get enough of Brookie last night you can catch her on Unleashed tonight…

Brookie will be appearing between 18.00-02.00 on the live Unleashed show.  You can of course watch that on our website BSX.TV… It streams live in our member’s area all day and all night guys and you can catch Brookie, along with Kate Santoro and Sapphire Blue!

Babestation Unleashed

Babestation Unleashed

Babestation Unleashed

Babestation Unleashed

Babestation X – Everything you need for the day and night ahead!

The amazing Brookie Little returns for another live show tonight on Babestation X…

Brookie's arse!

Brookie LIttle

When you look at pictures like these, you just can’t help wonder whether Brookie feels the same as she did you know.  I remember personally interviewing her a little over a year ago it must be.  This Bristol beauty told me back then that she wanted the whole package deal: a man with a good job and a nice pay packet, and she wanted to be the mother that stayed at home and looked after the kids.  I remember remarking at the time something about the fact there wouldn’t be a man in the UK that would turn down that opportunity; or indeed the world.  To come home to that gorgeous face and that superb body would indeed be a dream come true!


Brookie LIttle

Anyway, we’d much rather she didn’t settle down, and it looks as though she’s quite content doing what she’s doing for the time being.  Perhaps we’ve corrupted her a little too much!  When you see a giant pair of tits that beautiful and a body that makes you want to pop your cork as soon as it flashes on the screen it would be a shame to turn that into the purgatory of suburban life wouldn’t it?

Brookie loves what she does with a passion and she loves to talk to you guys on the phone.  Of course those of you hardened Brookie Little fans will already know this!  Tune in tonight from 22.00 and get the live show of your life.


Brookie Little on Babestation X tonight

Here’s the rest of the show schedule…

  • 00.07 Premiere Worship Beth’s Feet.  Super sexy scene of foot domination from our Beth, looking amazing in stockings and suspenders and the most amazing pair of high heels, on your knees worm!
  • 00.14 Premiere Beth Lapdance.  She works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey. Get your New Zealand Dollars out for a private dance from Kiwi babe. You better treat her right…
  • 00.54 New and Exclusive College Girl – Sophie Hart.  Naughty College Girl Sophie needs help with her studies…Biology we think!
  • 01.02 New and Exclusive College Girl – Brookie. Class is dismissed, but Brookie has been real naughty as usual. She wants to make it up to you with an extra-curricular, extra-special presentation.
  • 03.10 2nd chance live show recording BSX Live Show 31 PT2 – Beth
  • 03.57 2nd chance live show recording BSX Live Show 79 PT1 – Carla Cox and Jasmine Jae

We hope you have a wonderful evening and we’ll see you all again real soon!

Babestation X – Brookie gets em out!

This should be plenty of notice for you.  Get yourself ready for yet another fantastic threesome live show…

Let’s here it for the girls.  Friday 15th August is the night for live lesbian porn action on Babestation X, featuring the amazing:

  • Maisie Rain
  • Tina Kay
  • Chessie Kay
Live lesbian porn with Tina Kay

Pornstar Tina Kay

We’re very excited to get these three in the studio.  We’re sure you’ve seen them all before, but you probably haven’t seen them all together, so get yourself ready for the show of the month!

It all starts on BSX.TV at 22.00 guys so don’t be late… We’ll let you know the schedule for the rest of the night later in the week.

Babestation X – Always with the good news

How’d you like last night’s solo show with Jada?

We have no idea how she gets herself into some of the positions she does, but she does it every time guys!

Dirty Jada

Dirty Jada

And she might be pretty well spoken at times, but when you hear here talking filthy you really do begin to appreciate where she gets the nickname “dirty” Jada.  This is one filthy minded Babestation Veteran.  Perhaps it’s all her years working for us that have corrupted her!

Babestation X – If you’re not a member, you’re going to miss out on the shows!


Jada is back for a full on live solo show tonight from 22.00!

Don’t miss Jada tonight on Babestation X along with a schedule that’ll blow your mind…



  • 00.03 - Jasmine cools off after a hard days work, soaping herself up and getting nice & wet to relieve the stress of her busy executive lifestyle.
  • 00.53 - Brookie gets oiled up slippery all ready to go in this exclusive bares all vid. Watch as she slips & slides her hands all over her body showing you everything that makes this girl a Babestation Favourite.
  • 03.06 - Ava, Chessie, Chloe L. Two’s company but Three’s a gang bang as we like to say here at BSX, no disappointments with these three, dressed up in their College girl outfits and spreading those pussy lips like they were digging for buried treasure, what are you waiting for!
  • 03.36 - Sophie teases us in her sexy little outfit.
  • 04.04 - Re-run of one of our sexy live shows – BSX legend Jasmine Jae, and Czech Republic’s hottest export Carla Cox are let loose on each other in this BSX Live show. One blonde, one brunette, both absolutely gagging to be fucked by each others fingers, tongues and dildos.

Babestation – Don’t miss out!

You all know it’s threesome night again on Babestation, but here’s what else you get…

  • 00.03 - Busty housewife, Leigh Darby, is sick of being left unsatisfied by her aging husband. Her sights are firmly on the young gardener working next door. The thoughts of his ripped body are sending this curvacious cougar into a masturbation frenzy.
  • 00.53 - Jasmine is a high flying city working living in a London apartment and has advertised a room for rent. Backpacker Beth comes round to view the room but has got the monthly rental price wrong and cant afford it but she really wants the room ! Sexually hungry Jasmine decides there are other ways Beth can pay! Hot Girl Girl sex with intense sexual chemistry!
  • 02.06 - Sophie teases us in her sexy little outfit.
  • 02.52 - Babestation’s little blonde wanking wonder is at it again showing you just why she’s known as the office slut…..
  • 03.22 - Ruby’s working as a maid at a classy hotel. Whist cleaning she finds a porn mag and rather than finish her job she decides to finish herself off naughty girl.
  • 04.08 - One Hell of a 3some here, Fit Fit & Fit!
Chloe Lovette

Chloe Lovette

Babestation X – Gets you hard…