Happy New Year from me and a hearty ‘thank you’ to Les who has been tirelessly updating the blog and is now moving on to other pastures leaving me to take the reigns once again. I will be bringing another assistant along soon as there is little time for me between doing photo and video shoots with the girls to find time to stay on top of the blog so I might be late once in a while or away as was the case this past week, so always keep your eyes on the bsx blog twitter feed as I will update that too If I can’t always get to the Site Blog.
So down to business:

Saturday 3rd – Chessie Kay , Tina Kay , Maisie Rain, well, I have never done any shoots with Maisie but hope to rectify that soon so I cannot regale you with tales of pornographic depravity to that end, Chessie and Tina, well, I could write a book about those two as a recent shoot with them at a well known central london residence will testify, the said location was famous for an Oscar winning film about a stammering posh regal twat who wanted to be a Grime DJ….or something like that…

It was supposed to be a simple girl girl three way, we had been granted access to the Master Bedroom, bedecked as it was in the finest hand made silks and satins from across Persia and Arabia, the antique furniture and bed dating from the 18th century and worth in the Millions….joined by Victoria Summers the three girls got down to it on the magnificent antique bed, what could be more beautiful I thought, three of UK Porn’s most fragrant ladies devouring and fisting one another, however I did not count for the veracity of Tina Kay desire for watersports, and without giving me any warning she proceeded to spray Chessie and Victoria at point blank range with a cascade that I can only compare to Niagra Falls after a particularly heavy downpour.

Furniture, floorboards, bed linen, mattress, soft furnishings, all blasted by Tina’s tsunami of piss.
Well, not one to let a ‘golden moment’ pass by, I filmed it all not sparing a thought of how I was going to explain it to the proprietor who was already showing Producers around the house who were scoping it for use in a possible Harry Potter spin off.

My penance was staying behind for two hours after the shoot to clean and wipe everything down, the owner tells me that despite having professional cleaners in he is not able to get rid of the ‘bitter aroma’ in the room. Oh Dear.
Its a shame that a recent change in the Law means that footage cannot see the light of day now, but keep your eyes peeled, It might pop up on a tube site :-)
In the meantime, enjoy the show and lets hope Tina manages to ‘keep a cork in it’ as I dont think the studio is Flood protected.


As Frank would say… “It was a very good year…”

We’re glad you’ve all supported the show and we hope to give you much more in 2015.  Plans are always on the go at the Babestation studios and we know you’re going to love what we have coming your way.

Beth, Xena and Tasha

Filthy girls

Happy New Year 2015

We’ve seen many new girls this year, we’ve seen the Daytime ones turn to Night girls and we’ve seen those we would never expect to get filthy, get very filthy indeed!  There’s no telling with these babes!

So… Happy New Year from Babestation X

Babestation X is here to give you a post-Christmas hard on like you’ve never had before…

Santa has spent his time emptying his massive sack, now it’s your turn to do the same!  Leigh Darby and Beth are ready to give you a show that’s likely to have you drained and dehydrated by the end of it tonight.  You already know just how much these two love performing with each other of course, so it will come as no surprise when we tell you that the anticipation approaching this evening’s entertainment is nothing short of palpable…



Babestation X – Presenting Leigh Darby and Beth!

So it’s that time of year when you’re all getting very horny about going out to meet the girl of your dreams in a dingy bar right?  It’s Christmas when miracles really can happen?  Well, they don’t guys and you really should know better by now.  If you’re going to meet the girl of your dreams it’s going to be in a classy place, in a supermarket or at the beach… You know, just like it is in the movies!  Haha!  So in the meantime, what are you going to do?  May as well concentrate on the dream girls we have on Babestation X right?  Buying a box of Kleenex and a weekend on live shows is a lot cheaper and no-one insists that you buy our girls a Christmas present!

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers live show this Friday night on Babestation X

Friday night on Babestation X

So here you go… This Friday it’s the inimitable Ruby Summers entertaining you with a fantastic solo show that’s going to get you so wound up you’re not going to be able to move away from the screen.  Let’s hope Ruby gets the oil out to play again!

Saturday Night on Babestation X

Going up a gear on Saturday guys.  Here’s where you’ll get your Babestation X duo, lesbian fix with two of the hottest live porn stars in the UK at the moment.  Leigh Darby and Beth are becoming fast favourites when it comes to playing with each other and we know you love to see those big tits bouncing around against each other.  And when they get them in each other’s mouths you love it even more.  They’ll be polishing the toys and putting on their very best lingerie this Saturday!

Leigh and Beth

Leigh and Beth live Saturday night

Babestation X – Live shows are what we do!

It’s all about the porn stars tonight…

Alyssa Divine and Jasmine Jae can’t wait to get their hands on Beth tonight.  Goodness knows what they’re going to do with her, but we’re thinking it’s probably going to involve a strap on dildo and a pussy in her face.


Jasmine Jae – Live show tonight

You know how well Beth has taken to the live shows on Babestation X we’re sure.  She always puts on a great show and it’s a pretty sure fact that she’ll do something a little different and get genuinely excited by events (if you know what we mean!)

Alyssa Divine

Alyssa Divine

So tune into the live show tonight and get your tissues at the ready!

Babestation X

Caty Cole and Mica webcam show…

Tonight on Babestation X you’ll get an opportunity to watch round two with Caty and Mica.  Should be a good show and it won’t cost you the earth…

Not only will you get a fly on the wall look at this show going on, you’ll also get Ruby Summers solo show!

Ruby Summers tits


The running order for the BSX TV channel is as below.

  • 23:33 – 23:50 Caty Mica
  • 23:50:30 – 00:18:10 Ruby
  • 00:32 – 00:50:40 Caty Mica
  • 00:51:10 – 01:18:12 Ruby
  • 01:50:15 – 02:18:27 Ruby

Babestation X

Tonight is going to be a good night!

Not sure it’ll compete with last night’s show, but it’s sure to be amazing with Jada doing a solo special.  It’s hard to compete with five girls doing three hours worth of live shows isn’t it?  Hope you managed to tune in and enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Jada Babestation X

Imagine getting between those legs!

There is one twist to tonight’s show with Jada and that’s the appearance of the gorgeous Lacey Lorenzo.  She’ll be popping along to appear on screen with Jada at some point later in the evening, so keep your eyes peeled and your pants down guys!


Lacey on Babestation X

Babestation X – Giving you the fantasy you want…

Twelve years of Babestation celebrations…

This Friday you can expect to get more for your money than ever before on Babestation X.  You might prefer one girl in particular, or you may prefer to see two specific girls together, but Friday brings you 5 live girls for three hours of live shows!  Can it get any better?

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby getting filthy

Lacey on Babestation X Saturday

Lacey Lorenzo is back!

Dirty Jada

Dirty Jada

Well we’re going to let you in on the schedule so you’ll see just who is on, at what time and who they’ll be performing with…  Don’t say we never let you plan your Friday night in!

  • 11.30 – Leigh Darby and Beth performing a live girl on girl lesbian show
  • 12.00 – Lacey Lorenzo, Ruby Summers and Jada will join Leigh and Beth on screen to introduce the show at midnight.  This will be all five of them on screen at the same time guys, ready to wish Babestation a happy 12th birthday.  We hope you’ll be able to join them!  When Leigh Darby and Beth go to take a break you’ll be treated to the other three performing together.
  • 12.30 – Ruby Summers will stay on solo taking your calls
  • 1.00 – Leigh and Beth return for more girl on girl action
  • 1.30 – The legendary Lacey Lorenzo will come on solo taking your calls
  • 2.00 – Ruby solo taking calls
  • 2.30 – Leigh solo taking calls

You won’t get much better than that for a live show guys… If you’ve been saving yourself for one of the best shows then this is surely it!

Ruby Summer

Ruby Summers with the oil!

Beth on Babestation X Friday

Beth from Babestation getting all oiled up!


Babestation X – Wishing Babestation a Happy Birthday!

Kate Santoro

“…sometimes I need reminding I have a vagina…”

Age: 23

Dress size: 10

Height: 5’6″

Boobs: 34E


Kate is an Essex girl through and through.  Despite having a number of years in Stoke on Trent, this is where she came from and this is where she currently resides.  Our Kate isn’t your usual Essex girl however.  She likes to keep fit of course, just like most girls these days, but she’s more into the weightlifting side of things where that’s concerned.  She also loves to watch football, drink Budweiser, and gamble; she tells us: “sometimes I need reminding I have a vagina to be honest.”

Kate is not a woman without her dreams you know. It’s not all about getting filthy on the screen (although this is a massive part of her life), she also wants to own and run a farm!  Perhaps there’s a few ideas here for a new photo-shoot?

Kate began her career at Babestation during a girl on girl show with the very talented Elicia Solis.  Our casting director was so impressed that we took her on immediately (we know talent when we see it!)  At the moment Kate works primarily on Babestation Unleashed, doing the really dirty stuff all day long, but she does do webcams occasionally too.  Her future plans in the adult industry include appearing in more “gentlemen’s” publications and to do more porn; for which she is currently fine tuning her body in the gym!

Kate Santoro playing with her pussy

Kate Santoro the filthy fucker

Sex and the Ideal Man

Kate loves a man who can make her laugh.  They have to be confident, a bit cheeky and love filthy sex apparently.  She’s a big fan of having her arse played with too we’re told, but it’s not the only thing she enjoys:

“I love having my arse cheeks and hole played with… blow jobs are certainly my favourite though, just the thought of a nice hard cock stuffed in my mouth makes me horny…”

Top Tips

If you want to impress the lovely Kate Santoro then you’ll need to be one of those callers who know what they want. However, having said that, Kate loves to express her dominant and submissive sides equally and says that she hasn’t really settled on a favourite type of caller just yet; she says “as long as I cause them to make a mess everywhere, I don’t mind…”

Babestation X – Getting to know the girls…


Chessie and Aruba!

Arguably two of the horniest girls to appear on Babestation X!  Aruba and Chessie are ready to go at it once again on the live show.  When these two do battle you’re pants are going to quite literally explode.


Aruba and Chessie Kay

Remember to check into the live show on Freeview 174 or logon to it online at BSX.TV

Babestation X