If you’ve been staying tuned you’ll already know about this weekend, but we thought we’d share the rest of the evening’s entertainment with you on Babestation X…

Live lesbian porn show

BSX Live tonight with Sienna Day, Jasmine Jae and Tina Kay

So Jasmine Jae, Sienna Day and Tina Kay are performing their lesbian porn star threesome show tonight from 22.00.  They’ll be on and off all night of course (these three of stamina!) and you can bet that each time they reappear they’ll be gagging for each other again!

Lesbian porn

Jasmine Jae and Tina Kay

In between these filthy fuckers you’ll get a chance to watch the recording we have of Brookie Little getting oiled up in the oil pit.  If you haven’t seen this yet then it simply has to be on your schedule for tonight.  This will be showing at 23.50 and 03.30.

Brookie Little oily tits

Brookie Little recorded performance on tonight

And for those of you with a bit more stamina than the rest, or for those of you who’ve drank so much on your night out that you just can’t seem to make the old chap sick, you can watch a repeat performance from Cathy Heaven and Sami J at 03.00!

The perfect evening in if you ask me!

Les. X

Babestation X – Everything you need for a fun filled Friday!


This truly is a fantastic opportunity to see two of Babestation’s finest with their knickers off on the same bed!

Preeti Young and Ruby Summers have decided to perform alongside each other for a very special BSX live show this Saturday night 19th July and if you’re a member you’re already halfway there.  If you’re not a member you need to sign yourself up for a two day trial to the website for less than a fiver.  Remember that if you sign up on Friday you’ll get the threesome show with Jasmine, Sienna and Tina too!

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers with the oil!

We all know that Preeti and Ruby can perform wonderful solo shows, they’ve proved it to us before on Babestation X, but now they get to show us what they can do together.  Wondering exactly what they’ll do with each other?  Well, to be perfectly honest, so are we!  We’re not going to promise you anything of course, that wouldn’t be fair, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be a lot of interaction, stroking and touching etc.  After all, the two of them are sharing the same phone!

Preeti on Babestation X this Saturday night

Preeti Young with Ruby Summers on Saturday night

Of course if you like the live shows and you like these girls you can always check their solo performances out on the website before the show on Saturday to get yourself well and truly worked up.  Sign up on Friday night, enjoy the threesome show and then have yourself a little pre-match action during the day on Saturday with the live show recordings before the main event!  Just an idea…

Les. x

Babestation X – If we ain’t got them they’re not worth seeing!

Threesome time again…

Are you ready for the line up?  Brace yourself:

If you click the individual girl you’ll go to their Twitter page where you can indulge in all the naughtiness they’ve got going on.

Sienna Day

Sienna Day on Babestation X this Friday night

How would you like to get in between these three babes?  We doubt very much that you’d even get a look in however.  Believe us when we say that these girls are going to be so into each other they might actually forget why they’re here.  A writhing mass of gorgeous flesh.  You won’t be able to tell who is licking whose pussy and there will quite literally be tits everywhere.  Of course you wouldn’t expect anything else from Babestation X would you?

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae

Show starts at 22.00 on Friday and you really don’t want to be late for this one.  Also, I know that I bang on about it all the time (salesy things and that…) but you really might want to take advantage of the two day trial membership if you’re not already one of us.  This is simply because on Saturday you’ll also get to see two of Babestation’s hottest properties playing together: Preeti Young and Ruby Summers!

Tina Kay

Tina Kay – Porn Star

That’s right guys, these two gorgeous A listers will be storming your screen on Saturday night, making the weekend one to remember.  One phone, lots of touching and fiddling going on here fellas, so let your sexual fantasies involving these two go and tell them all about it.  You’ve got until the weekend to indulge your imagination in preparation for the show.

Babestation X – The weekend is always special with us!

So here she is pictured with the “Money Maker”… For those of you who don’t get that, it’s what the lovely Paige Turnah calls her arse!  Wouldn’t it be good to see these two performing together on the live show?

Emma Butt

Emma Butt and Paige Turnah

Well it’s just Emma’s Butt on Saturday, but that should be more than enough to keep you all entertained.  You must have spent many a night dreaming about climbing aboard that fine piece of ass, and we know Emma would want it that way; she really gets off on making you lot happy (anyone who has ever called her will know this to be true!)

Emma Butt

Emma Butt on Babestation X Saturday 12th July

Emma’s solo show will kick off at 22.00 as usual and you’ll be able to watch it online if you’re a member.  If you’re not a member then you really should be.  You can sign up on a two day trial membership package for less than a fiver, and in my professional and personal opinion that’s money well spent.  What can you get for a fiver these days anyway?  That’s a pint in London!  So sign up tomorrow night and you’ll also get the live lesbian show with Victoria Summers and Candi Coxx, along with all our website content.  Can’t say fairer than that right?

Check out our Babestation X promo video…

Babestation X – Bringing you Emma Butt’s live show on Saturday 12th July

Yes it’s that time again, live show Friday is fast approaching and it’s going to be good!

Victoria Summers will be making a welcome return to Babestation X to perform a wonderful lesbian show with none other than Candi Coxxx.  If you’re not familiar with Candi Coxxx she’s a porn star of some repute and she’s just been working with Victoria Summers at another studio shooting some great stuff.  Here she is dressed up as a naughty secretary.

Candi Coxxx

Candi Coxxx

Not sure what she and Victoria will be wearing on Friday night, but I’d imagine it to be very little.  If you’d like to ask her yourself you can always follow her on Twitter and send her a little message to find out.

Victoria is as she always is, well ready to get back into the saddle and have it with another hot babe.  Because she’s been spending so much time with the lovely Candi you can really count on her being relaxed and ready to eat some pussy on Friday night.  Just thinking about these two big boobed beauties pressing themselves against each other is enough to make you pop your cork!

Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers

The show starts at 22.00 as always and if you get yourself a two day trial membership you’ll get to see Saturday’s live show too and have access to the website content; all for under a fiver!

Saturday’s show

Early indications suggest that Saturday’s live show will feature the one and only Emma Butt… We will confirm this tomorrow!

Babestation X – The best birds, the best bits!

We thought we’d titillate you with a little story today.  Remember those stories you used to read in the porno mags you found in the bushes?  Well, here you go… [note: these are fictional]

It’s not always easy for a “stay at home” woman to keep herself amused.  In fact the whole idea of “stay at home” really annoyed Leigh.  It wasn’t as if she wanted to, it was just that she hadn’t quite found what she wanted to do.  People weren’t afforded the opportunity to think for a moment these days, it was all about whether or not you were working.  This was the reason Leigh decided to do webcam sex.  She’d always been a bit of a pervert when it came to voyeurism.  There was something about knowing someone else was watching her play with herself that never failed to get her off every time.  Webcam seemed to be the only logical solution because it would pay her money and get her off.  Besides, she had to stop dressing in the window because the guy over the road would more than likely have a heart attack with all the wanking he’d been doing over her.

MIlf webcam

Leigh Darby on webcam

Leigh decided to really go to town on her first show and got herself all dressed up in some of her brand new lingerie.  She loved buying new stuff for sexy shows and going out on the pull.  Any guy who was lucky enough to take her home was always in for a treat; she looked better than the girls in the Anne Summers catalogue.  When she was dressed up, she logged into her webcam account and had to wait around 30 seconds before her chat room was quite literally full of guys wanting to shoot their load all over her.  She was incredibly turned on.  It wasn’t long before someone calling themselves barrybignob decided to take her into a private chat.  One of the first things Leigh asked him to do was go cam 2 cam with him.  She loved the idea of it and had read about it when she signed up.  To actually see her guy wanking off furiously as she played with herself and stripped would be a massive turn on.

Leigh Darby

Fancy stripping Leigh Darby?

Barrybignob agreed of course (who wouldn’t) and it wasn’t long before she saw him lying there on his bed in all his glory.  She was impressed by his body, he wasn’t too over done and he was nice and hairy like a proper man she thought.  He had a big cock which he was already jerking off frantically.  The mic was on.

“Slow down baby!” she said, “let me do a little strip for you.”

He stopped instantly and she could see him re positioning his laptop to get a better view.  Leigh loved to strip for her men.  It didn’t take her long to realise her ability to make men as horny as fuck just by looking them in the eye and releasing a few buttons on her blouse to show a little cleavage.  She did this now with her black silky gown and she watched Barry’s nob twitch as she leaned forward, allowing her tits to heave into a cleavage any woman would scratch another’s eyes out to attain.  She pushed them together and lifted them from the bottom of her bra, making her Barry big nob realise just how weighty they’d be to hold.  Within moments she slid off her gown and popped the clasp at the back of her bra, allowing her tits to fall out and virtually cover the screen.

“You want to kiss my nipples baby?” she asked as she moved her tits a little further back so he could actually see her face.  All the time Leigh was very aware of looking directly into the cam.  She knew just how exciting it must be for her man at the other end to have her looking into his eyes.  She pushed her massive tits together and leaned forward again and could just see him open his mouth as though she were actually there feeding her giant, hardening nipples to him.  This made her really horny and she could see that it wouldn’t be too long before this guy was shooting his lot all over the keyboard; he’d taken to the furious wanking again, so Leigh decided to join him.

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby

She lay back on the bed, still in camera shot, and pulled her knickers down her long legs as she lifted them into the air.  She tantalisingly allowed them to sit hanging on the end of her heels for a moment before flicking them off.  She put her hand straight between her legs and felt just how wet she was.  It was then she saw him typing.  Just why he wasn’t speaking was unknown, but she read with interest as she gently pressed her clit.

“Show me how wet you are,” he wrote

She loved how this guy was getting off on how horny she was, so she moved her fingers from her now soaking pussy, feeling the air on her wet lips as her legs widened, and she held them up to the camera.  She imagined that he was there with her for a second, licking her pussy juice from the very tips and moaning to himself.  She had an intense desire to suck his cock and have him bury his face in her pussy.  She replaced her hand and began to toy with herself again, alternating the pressure on her clit between very gentle and a little pressure, circling her clit in all the dampness of her juice.  With her other hand she grabbed her pink dildo and licked the end of it whilst she looked into the camera, before deciding to suck on it and slide it deep in her mouth.  She imagined it was big nob’s cock she was sucking and she imagined she was about to get a load of spunk in her mouth and all over her tits.

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby long legs, big tits

She noticed that he’d slowed his pace, but could see how flushed he was in the face.  It couldn’t be long before this guy would explode she thought.  Leigh really wanted it to last a lot longer and it was nothing to do with the money!  She was so wet and ready to climax herself that she wasn’t sure who would arrive first.  She pushed her already wet dildo into her pussy and positioned herself almost over the laptop.  She held it from behind and bounced up and down onto it, allowing her massive tits to bounce.  She read quickly that he wanted her to lean forward whilst she bounced so he could have her tits slap him in the face.  This really turned her own and before long she came, making the dildo slip and poke quite sharply at her arse hole.  She collapsed in a heap on the bed with only her legs in view of the camera.

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby with her dildo

When she looked up she could see that barrybignob had left the room.  Why it couldn’t be this easy to get rid of a guy after she’d fucked him on a Saturday night she’d never know. She closed the screen of her lap top.

And you can enjoy Babestation girls on Babestationcams.com.  Register for free and see if you can bag yourself a Leigh Darby experience…

Les. X

Babestation X – Brighten your Monday with a wank!

First things first, we’d like to apologise to those of you who have been put out over recent events and cancellations… We do our best to keep you updated quite literally as we hear the news…

Leigh and Beth

Leigh and Beth live Saturday night 5th July

Sadly if we had to always wait to see if the talent showed up you’d never know who was going on!  Anyway, good news about Saturday night.  Beth has decided to step in and perform with the lovely Leigh Darby.  These two have a thing for each other anyway, it’s quite clear, so this will be a lot of fun.


Beth on Babestation X Saturday 5th July

Beth from Babestation getting all oiled up!

Let the Americans have their 4th of July celebrations, they don’t have nearly as much talent as we do!  And they don’t have Babestation X!  Hopefully most of you will have taken advantage of the two day trial membership and you’ll be keyed up to watch Preeti doing her live nurse show tonight.  The two day pass will of course get you Leigh and Beth on Saturday and all the content on our website.


Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby

In the meantime, we sincerely hope you like the new pictures of Leigh and Beth.  They should warm you up before the show on Saturday and if they don’t… well, quite frankly you’re dead below the waist.

Babestation X – Have a great weekend!

We’re simply full of good news lately…

The porn sensation Cathy Heaven will be making a return to Babestation X on Saturday night – 5th July – in order to get it on with the delectable Leigh Darby.  Leigh is overjoyed at the prospect of getting her paws on Cathy’s gorgeous tits of course (as anyone would be) and the two of them will be sure to put on a show to remember.

Leigh Darby massive tits

Leigh Darby and Cathy Heaven on Babestation X this Saturday night

Cathy Heaven is the Hungarian porn star that loves to fuck; and she loves to fuck girls!  She’s got some nice new GG boobs too for Leigh to play with so we’re going to struggle to get all those tits on the screen at the same time… Wide angle lenses will be required no doubt!

Cathy Heaven

Cathy Heaven

There’s a load more new pictures of Leigh Darby by the way and I’ll show you a few more next week sometimes when we can take a close look at her.  In the meantime, make sure you sign up for at least a two day trial membership from Babestation X so that you can watch the Preeti Young live nurse show tonight and then Cathy and Leigh on Saturday…

Babestation X - What can we say?  We know talent and we know tits!

4th July is supposed to be special for another reason, but I’m not quite sure if I remember to be honest.  That’s partly the Englishman in me of course, but the main reason is that there’s something else going on that has my full attention.  A full on live show with the gorgeous Preeti Young!

Preeti Young

Preeti – Nurse special live show this Friday 4th July

Preeti will be performing a nurse special, so if you have any nurse fantasies now is your chance to share them with Preeti.  Those of you who have spoken to our lovely Preeti in the past will already know just how good she is at realising your fantasies for you and how much she loves to chat to the dirty callers who know exactly what they want.

What about a fantasy?

So you’re in your hospital bed suffering with exhaustion or something.  It’s late at night and it’s so hot you can’t sleep.  You’ve thrown off your bed covers and you’re sweating like a David Cameron on a council estate.  The curtain around you is pulled around and you really want to get out of bed to draw it back and allow a little air to circulate but you just don’t have the energy.  So, you push the magic button and prepare to face the wrath of the ward sister.

However, the curtain is pulled back and who should appear but Preeti!  She is wearing her nurse fantasy uniform and she grins cheekily at you with that inimitable smile she so often flashes at the camera when she glances over her shoulder on Babestation.

“You’re so hot!” She says as she rests her soft hand on your forehead.

“So are you,” you reply with a smile.

“We should get you out of those clothes and try to bring your temperature down.”


Preeti on Babestation X this Friday

She unbuttons those dreadful pyjamas you now wish you’d never brought along with you, and as she leans forward to open them and expose your naked chest she gives you a flash of her marvellous cleavage.  These are the things dreams are made of, you think to yourself as you glance a little further down and see just how short her nurse’s uniform really is, then a little look at your crotch and notice just how visible your erection is.

As you are gazing at the white lacy garter her uniform completely fails to cover, you feel her tugging at your pyjama bottoms and before long your cock springs out and startles her.

“Oh dear,” she says in her sexiest voice, “you’re hotter than I thought!  Let’s see what we can do about that shall we?”

She takes your cock in her hands, looks you in the eye and pulls the zip down on her uniform with her other hand, allowing her massive tits to fall out.  You watch her nipples harden as they catch the night air and reach out to touch them as she begins to wank you off.  Moving a little more to the side she gives you a nice view of her gorgeous, tight arse as the nurses uniform rises over her hips revealing those tiny red panties.

Preeti on Babestation X this Friday

Preeti big tits!

In what seems like one fluid movement Preeti drops your cock, slips out of the uniform and climbs onto the bed to position her pussy and tight ass over your face.  She pulls her thong to one side and lowers herself onto your waiting tongue.  As you begin to taste her you feel the end of your cock enter her warm mouth.  You look down and see her gorgeous big boobs just hanging there and in between them you can see her take more and more of your cock into her mouth.  You keep your tongue still and allow her to move on it at her own pace and pressure, before finally giving in, exploring her clit by circling it gently and experimenting with different amounts of pressure to see her reaction.  She twitches and moans and you feel the vibrations from her voice on your cock as she sucks on you harder and harder.

Preeti pussy

Preeti on Babestation X this Friday

Bringing your hands up, you grip her around the waist and pull her down hard onto your face and feel yourself about to cum.  You relax because you want the feeling to last, but you can feel it building from the four corners of your body in some kind of tantric climax.  You groan as she pulls you out of her mouth and jerks you hard.  You cum hard and Preeti grinds herself on your mouth and chin as she reaches her climax too.

Preeti on Babestation X this Friday

Preeti 22.00 this Friday 4th July

Then… then… then you wake up and realise that it’s Friday and it’s almost 22.00!  It’s all a dream folks, but you can power up the PC or laptop and get ready to see that gorgeous fantasy all over your screen!

Les. X

Don’t miss it this Friday on Babestation X

A very special Thursday night live show with Ella Mai…

She’s a pretty brunette and she’s as sexy as fuck!  We’ve got her all to ourselves on Thursday night fellas, but we’re prepared to share her with you if you’re extra nice!  Ella Mai will be live on your Babestation X screens at 22.00…

Ella Mai

The fabulously talented Ella Mai on the live show Thursday 3rd July

Ella is fast becoming a favourite at Babestation and we love the prospect of having her tight little ass bouncing all over on BSX.TV  Her arse is arguably her best feature of course, we know plenty of you comment on it already; leave us a comment and tell us what you like best about Ella.

Ella Mai

Bodies don’t get much better than this! Ella Mai, looking fine!

Are you also aware that Ella Mai is a musician?  Well she is… You see, we told you that we get all the best girls and we certainly do.  This multi talented babe is available to listen to on Soundcloud if you’re interested in hearing her.  I’ll tell you this, I happen to know a little about music and personally I think she has the voice of an angel on MDMA!  She’s well worth a listen fellas; and it’ll give you something to talk to her about (because I’m sure you hadn’t anything else on your mind!)

Ella Mai - tits out!

The fabulous Ella Mai

Thursday night 3rd July 22.00.  Don’t be late!

Follow Ella on Twitter for all her updates.

Les. X

Babestation X – We know talent…