A very special Thursday night live show with Ella Mai…

She’s a pretty brunette and she’s as sexy as fuck!  We’ve got her all to ourselves on Thursday night fellas, but we’re prepared to share her with you if you’re extra nice!  Ella Mai will be live on your Babestation X screens at 22.00…

Ella Mai

The fabulously talented Ella Mai on the live show Thursday 3rd July

Ella is fast becoming a favourite at Babestation and we love the prospect of having her tight little ass bouncing all over on BSX.TV  Her arse is arguably her best feature of course, we know plenty of you comment on it already; leave us a comment and tell us what you like best about Ella.

Ella Mai

Bodies don’t get much better than this! Ella Mai, looking fine!

Are you also aware that Ella Mai is a musician?  Well she is… You see, we told you that we get all the best girls and we certainly do.  This multi talented babe is available to listen to on Soundcloud if you’re interested in hearing her.  I’ll tell you this, I happen to know a little about music and personally I think she has the voice of an angel on MDMA!  She’s well worth a listen fellas; and it’ll give you something to talk to her about (because I’m sure you hadn’t anything else on your mind!)

Ella Mai - tits out!

The fabulous Ella Mai

Thursday night 3rd July 22.00.  Don’t be late!

Follow Ella on Twitter for all her updates.

Les. X

Babestation X – We know talent…

We know how much you like to relive those live shows and this is the reason why we like to take lots of pictures for you…

The pictures you see in this post were taken at Jasmine’s live show; it was a hard show to forget I’ll tell you that much!  All the pictures are available in the member’s area of Babestation X.  Remember that if you don’t want to get yourself a full membership, you can always go for a two day trial for less than a fiver…

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae live show picture shoot

Jasmine loves the camera almost as much as she loves her callers, as you can see from these pictures.  Having a Babestation X girl on set who really knows how good she looks is also an enormous bonus.  Jasmine literally oozes sensuality when she looks into the lens, and when she spreads her legs for a nice punani shot, it’s always a good one.

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae

I actually think Lee may have struggled to choose which shots to include in the set to be honest.  He likes to take lots of pictures and I’d imagine that his selection process was a little hard (among other things too!)  I’m not sure how many pictures are in the full set to be honest, but it’s well worth a look; especially if you’re a true Jasmine Jae fan.

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae

There’s also a lot of live show recordings on offer over at BSX.TV so if you’ve missed a particular show the chances are we’ve recorded it for you anyway…

Babestation X – Here’s looking forward to another week of Live Show action!

Don’t miss the show tonight guys!

Sienna Day, Victoria Summers and Sapphire Blue will be live on BSX.TV at 22.00 tonight and it’s going to be a great show.

Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers back on Babestation X tonight

Member’s only I’m afraid,  but if you fancy trying out Babestation X for the night you can get yourself a two day trial membership for less than a fiver!  Go to the sign up page now and get yourself ready for a fantastic show…

Babestation X – We know… We just know!

Ruby Summers will be playing with herself on tonight’s show of course, but you’re all probably dying to know what’s happening on Saturday night…

Well on Saturday you can expect a real treat as the wonderfully talented: Saphire Blue, Victoria Summers and Sienna Day.  A truly magnificent blonde explosion will be happening live from 22.00 tonight.  Imagine the Human Centipede without all the creepiness and you’ll have a good idea about what these three will be getting up to when things kick off!


Sienna Day on Babestation X Saturday night

Sienna Day

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to shoot a few pictures of the lovely Sienna and we thought we’d share some of them with you.  You can get more on this hot piece of ass in the member’s area of the website of course at BSX.TV.

In the summer it’s so nice to get the girls outside on their shoots, even if there is a guy standing behind a tree pretending to do a piss whilst he jerks off!  This is something Sienna is quite used to by now we’re sure.  Just watching her walk down the street shaking her ass is enough to make you want to whip it out and give it a bash.


Sienna Day

For those new to the world of Babestation, Sienna is one of the stars of Babestation Unleashed.  Unleashed is a show you can watch for free on BSX.TV if you’re a member and Sienna is just one of the girls that frequent the live stream all day and all night.  Girls are available all the time guys!



We’ll be trying to catch up with Sienna at some point before, during or after the show to get her thoughts about the show and also a little more generic information about the girl herself too.  She really is marvellous to watch and we’re sure that she’s going to perform with these other two legendary blondes just fine.  It isn’t as if that Victoria Summers isn’t used to a bit of punani pie is it?

Babestation X – Keeping it up for England!

So it’s really going on this week as you should already know.  We’ve got live shows starting on Thursday right through to the weekend!

It all begins with the gorgeous Babestation Daytime girl Kaitlyn on Thursday night of course.  However it’s always difficult to follow a debut performance on the show, especially when that girl hasn’t even opened her legs on screen before, so we were in a bit a quandary as to who to put on Friday and Saturday.

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers live show this Friday night on Babestation X

We solved this by putting the lovely Ruby Summers on the show.  You know how much she loves to get her fanny out on Babestation X, so who are we to hold her back!  We know you’ll have a wonderful time, and don’t forget that if you sign up for a two day membership on Thursday you’ll get to see Kaitlyn and then Ruby, plus all the new content we’ve published on BSX.TV

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers shoot

We hope you like the pictures from Ruby’s latest photo shoot.  It’s always easy with Ruby, you simply ask her to wear something that barely covers her tits and then hand her a bottle of baby oil.  Then you simply stand back and press the button; I’m sure Lee and Mark would be appalled to read this over simplified version of photography, but when you have a babe as naturally gorgeous as Ruby if can’t be that hard can it?

Rubber Summers

Ruby and her oil!

Now we’re not sure whether or not Ruby will be well stocked with Baby Oil for the show on Friday, but she did share with us just how much she liked the stuff.  Apparently there’s nothing she likes more than to get all “slippery” with her man.  Can you imagine for a moment slipping all over that body?

Rubber Summers

Rubber Summers

Sticking your dick between those lovely big tits has to be top of the list when you’re fantasising about Ruby for starters.  Holding those tits together whilst she sits in front of you, looking up with those deep and beautiful eyes, as she hands you the bottle would be truly amazing.  Pushing gently until you squirt half the bottle all over her tits, making your dick slip in and out of that gorgeous cleavage so much that you can barely feel any friction at all is enough to make you explode just at the thought of it.  Now, don’t even get me started on what she looks like bending over with her body covered in that oil!



So don’t forget to get your seat – Friday Night 27th June… Sign up at BSX.TV now!

This Thursday sees Babestation Daytime’s Kaitlyn do her first ever Babestation X live show…

Can any of you remember that one girl you stole innocence from?  The one that was more than a little anxious about you slipping your hand down the front of her blouse, despite her heavy breathing and fluttering eyelashes?  Of course you can.  This is the image Kaitlyn conjures for me and I’m certain that this Babestation Daytime favourite has done the same for some of you on countless occasions.  However, having said that, you lot that read this blog are arguably more into the harder girls; correct me if I’m wrong (you know you want to!)



Kaitlyn will be doing her first ever live BSX show this Thursday

I don’t like to overuse the phrase ‘girl next door’ but it really does offer a good definition of the type of fantasies that spring to mind when you look at these pictures of Kaitlyn I’m sure you’ll agree.  Seeing her lounging in her back garden in that lovely red dress, perhaps sipping on a cold drink with her lips clasped tightly around the straw?  And your position?  Well, you’d be kneeling at your bedroom window peeping under the net curtains, jerking off whilst desperately willing her to lean forward a little more so you can see those fabulous tits heaving into a cleavage that’s worthy of a place in your favourite lad’s mag!



The show

Kaitlyn has been a Daytime girl for some time now and she has fast become a favourite on the phones.  I’ve never called her myself, but I’ve heard her voice and it’s easy to hear why she’s so popular.  Of course the most exciting aspect of this live show on Thursday will be the fact that Kaitlyn has never taken her knickers off!  No, not literally of course, that wouldn’t be nice at all and the type of content for a website we’d rather know nothing about.  What we mean is that she’s never done what we in the business term as “open leg” on screen.



We’re not sure how nervous Kaitlyn is about the show herself, or whether she’s just really a filthy little devil that can’t wait to show the world what’s between her legs.  We know she’s not shy about getting her lovely big boobs out on display, and to be perfectly honest we’d have been just as happy with that; but it’s always nice to go that step further on BSX.TV



Tune in at 22.00 on Thursday 24th June for the show everyone has been talking about.  Go ahead and share this post with your mates and let’s create a buzz.  Speaking of which, I wonder if she’ll be using any tools on Thursday!


Les X

Babestation X – Extracting the bad from the good for as long as we can remember!

England have disappointed us again.  Do not fear guys, we have the perfect remedy this weekend…

Obviously you’ll already be aware that it’s an Emma Butt solo special tonight, but we’ve also got a fantastic show for you on Saturday.  By the time the weekend is over you’ll have forgotten all about England; providing we all take those flags out of our windows and all that stuff off our cars!

Abbi Goodchild

Abbi being not such a “Good”child

Yes is Karlie Simon guys!  This is a big deal because she’ll be doing a lesbian duo live show with Abbi Goodchild.  Abbi has been making quite a name for herself over on Unleashed and we know that Karlie Simon needs no introduction at all; considering that some of you out there who read the blog have been barking on about having her on the show.  Never let it be said we don’t try to get you what you want fellas.


Karlie Simon will be performing on Saturday night

So get your two day trial membership for less than a fiver if you’re not already a member of Babestation X, and with this you can watch both live shows and also get access to our website!

Babestation X – Something England can rely on!

More great live shows planned for the weekend fellas…

On Friday night this week we’ve got a spectacular show for you.  Emma Butt is bringing her massive tits and fantastic ass back for another live show!  We know just how popular she was last time, and she’s been banging on about doing another one ever since, so who are we to disappoint a woman like this?

Emma Butt

Emma Butt

Now, what exactly she’ll be wearing is anyone’s guess, but you can bet your balls that she’ll be wearing those lovely glasses guys!  How many of you tell her you want to jizz all over her face when she’s wearing those?  Seriously, we’d like to know…

Emma Butt

Emma Butt

Emma is always up for something filthy, but remember that she has a particular fondness for those of you out there who can make her laugh.  She tells us quite freely that she can “easily be laughed into bed!”  Oh… and another thing, she wants to smack your arse guys.  Emma Butt has a real thing about smacking bare arses and she’s even more keen on doing it when she gets dressed up in her PVC gear!  Wonder if she’ll show us a little of that on Friday night?

Why don’t you all petition her to wear some by following her on Twitter and sending her a message?

Babestation X – Get your seat on Friday for Emma Butt’s solo show – 22.00

Just what kind of a chance do you think we have against the Italians?

Well, some would say that it’s about time we did well in the World Cup, we haven’t for so long.  Others would say, who the hell are we kidding, we’re going to get slaughtered.  Babestation X says, all we know is that we’ve got a great live show starting at 22.00 with Dirty Jada and that this is an hour before the England – Italy match.  This should give you enough to stop fretting about whether we win or lose…

Babestation X Jada

Jada on the live show

Jada will be supporting England in spirit and over the phone to you football fans.  She’ll be there to commiserate or congratulate; our Jada doesn’t discriminate as long as she has someone on the phone to jerk off all night.  You know how she loves to get dirty; and if you don’t know by now you really should!

So check Jada out tonight before the match, and again afterwards if you like (or in the middle of the match, or indeed whenever you like!)

Babestation X – Jada’s solo show and England vs Italy!  What a night!

OK, here’s what you can expect from Babestation X this weekend.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

You’re probably already aware about Friday night because we’ve made such a big fuss about it already, but just in case you don’t it’s Kate Santoro and Leigh Darby performing a spectacular girl on girl show for you.

Kate Santoro

Kate Santoro on Babestation X this Friday night

Kate has been in the studio recently getting some new pictures done; if you’ve been following the blog or Twitter you will have seen quite a few of them already of course.  This Unleashed babe is really looking forward to getting in front of the Babestation X camera and giving Leigh Darby something to think about.

Leigh Darby

Leigh Darby on Babestation X with Kate this Friday night

Having said that, Leigh Darby has plans of her own!  You can’t expect an experienced MILF like Leigh not to demand something from her partner.  Leigh intends to take Kate Santoro to new sexual heights on Friday night, and we don’t doubt for a moment that she can do it folks.  When you get two girls like this together on-screen anything can happen.  Just thinking about those giant tits banging around whilst they both lick each other all over is enough to make you mark this one on the calendar!


Jada on Babestation X Saturday night

On Saturday night you’re in for yet another treat as the one and only Dirty Jada takes to the bed for another Babestation X solo show!  This hot little Babestation veteran loves doing the filthier stuff and we think it’s only a matter of time before she decides to do Unleashed too.  Who knows?  What we do know however is that Jada’s sweet pussy and those fabulous tits will be hitting your screen at 22.00 on Saturday night.  Don’t be late!

Babestation X – It’s going to be a weekend to remember!