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Our good old Marc Rose returns to the screen on Sunday in a live Unleashed show…

It’s about time Marc made a live appearance, he’s been a bit bloody lazy leaving it all to Van Damme.  Apparently he’s been spending his time lifting weights and polishing his nob.  And what’s brought him to the Unleashed live sex show on Sunday?  Jaiden West, that’s what!  He’s fucked Jaiden before of course, but he likes shagging this little sexpot so much that he’d have broken into Dean Van Damme’s house and locked him in a cage just to get to her.

Jaiden West on Unleashed this Sunday

Jaiden West cock sucking

You can see from this picture that our Jaiden likes to get a nice mouthful of cock.  It’s Jack Mason in this picture however; and we just bet that Marc is imagining himself in that very position as he reads this blog post.  Not long now Marc!

If you’re not a member of Babestation X you can watch the show for £1.50, and if you’re a member… well, you can have it for free of course!

Babestation X – Marc Rose and Jaiden West this Sunday on Unleashed

This is the “plan” as Kenny would have it! The consistently filthy Amber Leigh and Jaiden West will be at it girl girl hardcore style on Friday night…

As you know we’re going through some pretty big changes at Babestation X and we’re giving you more porn for your pound now that it’s on £1.50 a night.  Well, that’s not all, we’re committing to getting some of the best porn stars in the business more involved in the shows (the ones that are REALLY into it!)  Tonight’s show with Amber Leigh and Jaiden West is a great introduction to the new way we’re doing things and you’re sure to get value for money.

Jaiden West

Amber Leigh and Jaiden West on Babestation X Friday 10th May

We’re always keen to hear your views, and unlike a few other live sex shows, you’ll be sure to get an honest answer from me.  Leave me comment and I’ll get back to you when I’m not busy filming hardcore UK porn!  I’ve been in the industry too long to bullshit the people who pay for my work, and I know you’re often torn between playing on the Xbox or knocking one out; so hopefully what I’m doing these days will give you wrist ache by the end of the weekend.  Let me know if it doesn’t (no details of course!)

So enjoy yourself on Babestation X weekend, I pride myself on getting you off.  This is real pornography!

It’s times like this that make me want to be over at the Sexstation Studios on a Wednesday night guys!  Last week Sexstation Unleashed gave you Jaiden West and Dean Van Damme in an awesome live scene…

The best part about live shooting is that you never know what’s going to happen.  I know everyone says that about live TV but it’s true, and it’s a lot of fun.  It’s even better if you’ve got Jaiden West and the Damme stud in your studio; both of which I’ve shot with before of course.  The show I hear was a great success, with a record number of viewers.

live UK porn

UK porn slut Jaiden West

Babestation X are pleased that Sexstation have upped their game to include regular boy-girl content on a Wednesday night, and we can now tell you that this week on Wednesday 1st May you’ll get to see Alyssa Devine getting pummelled by that monster Dean Van Damme.  He’s getting as bad as Sensi I’m telling you; they’ll be no keeping him out of the studios soon, we’ll have to get a restraining order until he shoots again!

If you want to watch more of this live UK porn on Sexstation Unleashed then all you have to is get over there and book your seat for Wednesday.  This week’s live show will only cost you a fiver and you get five days access to all their member content too!

Of course you can watch the updates on Babestation X too if you like.  We’ve got this scene and a loads more great UK porn inside.

We always have loads of porn, all night long right?  Well, Friday it gets better…

We have the pleasure of shifting the one and only UK porn legend Chantelle Fox over from Sexstationtv onto the Babestation X live show, with none other than the equally talented and legendary Jaiden West!  It really is going to be a special show.  We’re so very pleased to have them both exclusively for ourselves all night long that the producers have already bought the bubbly!  I can imagine how that show’s going to go!

Hot UK porn

Chantelle Fox UK porn slut

When you get two UK porn stars like this on set together, you really don’t have to do too much at all.  You could simply dim all the lights around the set and pretend you’re not there.  You know that these two are going to be into each other, because they’re basically into anything that will get them off.  Jaiden West has a proven track record of being a UK porn slut, and as for Chantelle Fox… well, do I really need to say any more?  Have you ever spoken to her on the phones at Sexstationtv?  I think most of us have done it at one point or other, whilst trying desperately to disguise our voices; one thing you come to learn in this business is that the girls get a very good ear for voices and accents!

UK porn slut

Jaiden West

So you know the routine guys.  Free Channel 174 or catch the shows on the Babestation X website.  It’s so easy a monkey could do it, so don’t bother barking at me that you can’t get it to work, you’ll only make yourself look really stupid!

Babestation X – Keeping you up all night!

This Wednesday you’ll find Jaiden West getting fucked good and proper by that monster of a man – Dean Van Damme…

The details first of course: Wednesday 24th April 10-11pm.  This is a live and interactive webshow, hardcore fucking, and everything else that goes with it.  You can watch it for £3.00 and with that you also get 5 days access to the Sexstationtv member’s area!  A good deal all round.

Sexstation Unleashed

Jaiden West – Live Sex Show

To be honest, when I look at Jaiden and then the Van Damme machine I think to myself, this isn’t a fair match!  I mean, look at the size of this guy for goodness sake?  If he got any more masculine than that he’d have to live up a tree!  I do hope Jaiden knows what she’s getting herself in for with this show.  I know I’ll be watching, just to see if it all goes well…

Dean Van Damme is said to be positively “chomping at the bit” to get his big JCB bucket hands around Jaiden’s waist and up to his nuts in punani.  This live sex show stud can never get enough pussy, it doesn’t matter if you throw him a fresh piece every couple of hours, he’ll simply devour it and move on!  He’s a fucking monster!  It’s going to be a good show.

Sexstation Unleashed

Dean Van Damme – hardcore porn stud

You know BabestationX are good at live sex shows, but remember that you can get girls playing with their punani all day long 24 hours a day on SexstationTV, and every Wednesday they have hardcore boy-girl fucking; so we’re just saying that’s all… if you didn’t clear the pipes enough at the weekend with our live sex shows, you can always get some mid week relief with the Unleashed show!

Check them out

Jaiden West and Emily B are two wonderful looking babes, there’s simply no denying it.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and yet again mine has been running at twice the speed again, tiring me out by coming up with fresh ideas for shoots.  It’s almost as though when I’m shooting these girls I want them to transform and be teleported to different locations in different outfits, all the time.

Free Babestation pic

Babestation Extreme shoot

What about a Victorian theme, I thought to myself whilst shooting Jaiden and Emily.  You know the type I’m thinking of don’t you?  All those skirts and dresses; the stockings, corsets and undergarments?  I got to thinking about this and called to mind the old Victorian fiction I’d read many years ago, but then remembered the writer Sarah Waters.  She wrote a novel called Fingersmith, published in 2002, but wrote it as a period Victorian piece.  I could see Jaiden and Emily as mistress and servant, one dressing the other as they used to do in the 19th century.

Then I touched her.  I touched her face.  I began at the meeting of our mouths – at the soft wet corners of our lips – then found her jaw, her cheek, her brow – I had touched her before, to wash and dress her; but never like this.  So smooth she was!  So warm!  It was like calling the heat and shape out of her out of the darkness – as if the darkness was turning solid and growing quick, under my hand.

Now if that isn’t a beautiful way to begin writing a first time lesbian encounter then my name isn’t Mark Cremona!  You’ve got to hand it to Sarah Waters, she really knows how to write.  She doesn’t even have to write anything particularly explicit; those of you out there that have ever read a book can get the gist of what’s happening here.

Girl-girl stuff always brings out the best in me, but then I suppose we could bring Freddie and the Rose boy in, perhaps as Victorian gentlemen in top hats or something – with all the waistcoats, watch chains and such?  What do you lot think?  Leave me a comment

Catch you next week.

Babestation Extreme