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No, it’s not Cameron and Clegg as one of you pointed out – have to admit this made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard (better than I suppose than what usually ends up all over it)…

It is in fact Paige Turnah’s beautiful bottom and the sweet, sweet ass of Kerry Louise you nobs! You’ll have to do better than that. For a bunch of dudes who claim to like watching girl girl shows you’re not very perceptive

Paige Turnah and Kerry Louise

Paige Turnah getting done by Kerry Louise

Paige Turnah’s ass is a UK porn phenomenon to begin with – she calls it her “money maker” and I’m sure that it makes her plenty!  This video with Kerry Louise is a firm favourite on the website at the moment, and it’s not a surprise either.  The two of them really get down to some serious lesbian sex action; no holes barred on this one!

Kerry Louise is always as filthy as she looks too apparently.  Just look at her in this picture.  Not only does she look filthy, she looks plain nasty too; fuck me, she’s trying to impale poor old Paige with that dildo.  It’s a good job Paige has handled a lot bigger in her time.

Obviously it goes without saying you can see this video, along with a massive set of pictures from the same shoot, on the Babestation X website now.  And again I’ll tell you that you can get a trial membership for £1.50.  I hope you’ve got that…

Les. X

I’ll test you again in a couple of days to see if you’re actually paying attention to your Babestation X porn!

It’s a new year and everyone is panicking about making a new start.  What a load of bollocks!  Give up already will you?  It’s not going to happen.  Enjoy life and enjoy porn.  Speaking of which, here’s a new update for you.


Free lesbian porn

Too hot to handle – Free porn from BSX

It’s another lesbian scene, and it’s a hot one.  In fact whilst we’re on the subject of temperature, Lexi Lou actually passed out! A first for BSX.  It was very hot in the studio, all the radiators were on and the windows were closed etc.  It’s kind of normal however to do this when you’re shooting porn to make sure the talent doesn’t get cold; we might like erect nipples, but we don’t want upset girls and limp cocks!

I’m sure you can imagine our shock as we watched Lexi fall into Paige Turnah’s arms.  Initially we thought that she was simply getting into it, or perhaps over acting a little, but the panic set in when we realised she wasn’t fucking around.  Luckily she was alright and recovered in few seconds, believing she was on a London bus of all places!  It just goes to show how hot a Babestation Extreme shoot can be fellas!

But, do you know what?  Lexi actually insisted on continuing!  “What a trooper” were the words of my buddy and fellow photographer Lee Sapsford; and he was right, I would have expected her to quit there and then.  However, when you consider who she was actually fucking, I think the majority of girls (and certainly our studs) would have carried on no matter what.

Free porn

Free Babestation Extreme

The way Lexi fell into Paige’s arms was something of a spectacle now I think of it.  It’s almost like those old romantic movies where the leading lady swoons and falls into the arms of her leading man.  It’s quite emotional sometimes to tell the truth, and again it calls to mind the work of that great, award winning author and associate lecturer in English Literature with the Open University, Sarah Waters Ph.D.  Waters always manages to get some lesbian porn in her novels; indeed most of them revolve around the issue.

In her novel The Night Watch there are a number of touching lesbian sex scenes, and we’re not talking about any of that 50 Shades of Shit stuff either, this is a real writer with real emotion and sexual charge!

“They kissed again, and fitted themselves against each other, Julia’s thigh coming snugly between Helen’s legs, Helen’s thigh sliding tightly between Julia’s; and they stood hardly moving, just nudging, nudging with their hips.”

lesbian porn

Lesbian porn from BSX

Anyway, I digress as always.  I hope you like the free porn fellas, they’ll be more of it real soon if we can keep the talent alive long enough in the heat!

Who is the man, who’d risk his neck for his brother man?


Damn right!

You know the quote from the Isaac Hayes tune I’m assuming?  If you don’t then you seriously need to go and check that tune out.  Isaac Hayes was fucking cool and also the voice of Chef from South Park!

Shaft was one of the first Blaxploitation movies of the early 1970′s.  This is an invented sub genre of movies that originally aimed to entertain an urban black audience, but you can’t keep something this good from the world.  Eventually everyone loved this kind of stuff, and Shaft soon became a cult hit!  One of my favourites of the 70′s!  Showing my age!  One of the most important parts of the early Blaxploitation movies, besides a massively black cast, was their inclusion of predominatly funk and soul music.  You’ve got to love Isaac Hayes!

Interracial porn pic

Free Babestation porn

And here he is guys, the one and only Shaft, doing… well, shafting the gorgeous Cathy Heaven and Paige Turnah.  I know what you’re thinking.  That’s just greedy Shaft; and you’re right, but if anyone can fuck these two gorgeous porn babes (and make them happy, if you know what I mean) then it’s certainly Shaft.

How about my own  Neo-Blaxploitation porn movie?  Now that’s something I could certainly get into.  Our Shaft could be the new Richard Roundtree; the:

“Black private dick, that’s a sex machine to all the chicks!”

This is something I would get great pleasure out of shooting.  We’ll have to team up with some writers and get a script together and really do this.  Let me know what you think.  I’m full of bright ideas!

Free babestation porn

Paige Turnah with Shaft’s nob in her mouth!

One thing is for sure.  Judging by the picture above I don’t think I’ll have any shortage of porn stars volunteering to star alongside Shaft do you?  That there is what you call cock worship my friends, and when you see it for yourself live and up close, you can only stand there with a boner and wish it was you getting all the attention.

I’d just like to share a few words of gratitude and praise at the end of this post.  I’ve worked with these three time and time again, not always together of course, but countless times.  They never fail to impress me.  When you’ve got professional porn stars like this at your disposal it makes your job so much easier.  Thanks guys!

Yes its Paige Turnah folks, and that beautiful ass she calls her “money maker”.  We were actually considering doing a bit of a softcore cookery show on Babestation; cooking with a little tits and ass you know.  However, we failed to remember that we keep Freddie locked in one of the cupboards in the Babestation kitchen, primarily because it used to be the only place it was safe to keep him from pestering every female that walked through the door (he’s
a right sex pest!)

As soon as he caught a whiff of Paige Turnah in the kitchen and saw the flashes from my camera he burst forth from the cupboard and shed his clothes like a modern day David Banner, or perhaps the classic Hyde character from Stevenson’s so very famous and often told tale, and turned into the sex beast we’ve come to know and love.  I don’t think Paige expected such enthusiasm and when she saw this Mr. Hyde charging towards her like a “damned juggernaut” she looked a little shocked to say the least!

His dick was wagging up and down like an uncontrollable serpent, and it wouldn’t settle until it was well and truly inside Paige’s pussy (of course she didn’t complain, she’s known to like quite a lot of cock).

I’d like to say it was over quickly, simply because we wanted to do the cookery programme, but as it always is with Freddie, it turned into a marathon sex session and my camera ran out of charge!  I hadn’t expected Freddie to pull every position out of the book and then invent a few more!