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This is how I see it.  If you get a couple of UK porn babes like Delta White and Reede Fox and put them behind bars, there’s simply going to be some action right?

Well, this was the logic behind this scene, and you can come up with whatever story you like to go alongside it, but personally I don’t think they need one.  I think they’re both bad Babestation X girls, but neither of them are bad enough to end up behind bars; watch this video and then just imagine what the real filthy criminal babes are actually doing in jail right now… can you imagine being a prison guard in one of those places?

Lesbian porn

Reede Fox and Delta White

Of course, I’d be an excellent prison guard.  Women like attention, so I’d simply carry my camera around with me all day!  I’d have them on my side in no time at all, and I’d have a whole shit load of UK porn content ready to go on within a couple of days.  I’d need to take a big bag of toys with me like Santa Claus of course, but can you imagine the solo, duo and group lesbian porn I’d get?  Fuck me, I’d come home stinking of punani!

I think we should petition the powers that be at Babestation X to do a little porn visit to the women in the UK prisons and see just what sort of action we can get.  Who knows, maybe we’ll take Delta and Reede along with us for the ride; these two are up for anything!

Babestation X – realising your fantasies!

It’s party time on BSX!

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Reede Fox and Jasmine Jae get it on for BSX

Lee shot this lovely scene for us in an apartment nearby.  He tells me it was good to get out of the studio for a change.  Can’t think what’s wrong with the studio though.  Nothing that a little air freshner and a laundry basket wouldn’t solve!  Anyway, it’s obviously Reede Fox and Jasmine Jae in this shoot.  They’re both lovely girls that I’ve shot before myself.

Here’s what Lee had to say about the shoot:

“The girls made this scene very easy for me, true professionals.  They knew exactly what to do, what positions to get in and needed very little direction… there was a definite attraction which definitely led to a very genuine girl on girl scene”

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Getting dirty with the girls

I know just what he’s talking about when you can see that the girls really dig each other.  There is nothing like working with genuine lesbian or bi-sexual girls (or very good actors).  I think personally that there are a lot of women out there that would love to get down with another woman like these two are in this shoot, but they just won’t admit it for some reason or other.  Here’s one of my favourite quotes:

“Some women can’t say the word Lesbian…even when their mouth is full of one”

Kate Clinton (Award winning political humourist)

Free porn

Good to see Reede Fox back in the saddle!

So the basic premise of this one is that it’s an after party scene where the girls come back having had enough of the footballers in the clubs, and a little too much champagne, demanding to party on!  After a fondle in the living room, the video (which you simply have to see) follows them into the bedroom where they get the glass dildo out to play.  You can see the rest in these pictures, I don’t need to say much more do I?

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Watch the whole scene on Babestation Extreme

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